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New Scentsy Products February 2022

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Scentsy _All Is Well _Wax Collection _.jpeg

All Is Well
Wax Collection

Limited Edition Collection
Find balance with calming fragrances. The All Is Well Wax Collection introduces five new Scentsy Bars in soothing scents. 

  • Vitamin I(nhale) Scentsy Bar: Fresh mountain air carries notes of wildflowers and fern to peaceful vistas.

  • Vitamin M(editate) Scentsy Bar: Sandalwood balances calming lavender and spicy nutmeg.

  • Vitamin R(elax) Scentsy Bar: Bright bergamot and smooth vanilla sugar bask in warm amber.

  • Vitamin S(oothe) Scentsy Bar: Driftwood softened by gentle water lily and soothing sea minerals.

  • Vitamin U(nwind) Scentsy Bar: Sweet apple blossom and crisp cucumber peel drift above serene spa water.

5 bar Collection ~ £30

Scentsy-Baymax-Scentsy Buddy-Aromaz.jpeg

Disney Baymax
Scentsy Buddy

Limited Edition Scentsy Buddy

A brave new Scentsy Buddy and thrilling fragrance have arrived.

The new Disney Baymax – Scentsy Buddy will tend to your every need, keep you company on every adventure, and provide all the hugs and fist bumps you want! Each Baymax – Scentsy Buddy comes with a Scent Pak in Big Hero 6:
Would You Like a Hug? — the fragrance designed exclusively for our Big Hero 6 products:

Individually great but better together, vibrant strawberry, wild raspberry, whipped marshmallow and sweet sugar are bound by friendship and courage.

Baymax – Scentsy Buddy + Big Hero 6: Would You Like a Hug? – Scent Pak, £55/€66

Big Hero 6: Would You Like a Hug? – Scentsy Bar, £8/€9.50


The Dumbo Collection

Coming Soon

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