Brand New Scentsy Products 2020

Information on all the new products introduced from Scentsy.
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New Scentsy Products 2020

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Scentsy Buddy

The Cheshire Cat

Limited Edition
Scentsy Buddy


Look who just appeared! It’s Disney’s Cheshire Cat, and he’s ready to make some mischief with a maniacally cute grin and countless secrets to share. Plus, he comes preselected with a Scent Pak in our exclusive fragrance developed for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, We’re All Mad Here, so he’s primed and ready for adventure.
Available 10th February 2020

The Lion King

Go wild with our new Lion King products 


Our Simba — Scentsy Buddy is ready to rule your kingdom and make your heart soar. And what would this iconic lion cub be without his two very best friends? Soon to be joining Simba in The Disney Collection are adorable Timon and Pumbaa — Buddy Clips!

Scentsy Disney
Frozen 2

Limited Edition
Reveal Your Destiny Warmer


Change is in the air! Autumn leaves swirl across a wooded landscape and beloved Frozen 2 characters, including everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. Graphic silhouettes of Anna and Elsa illuminate when lit, a birch-designed base completes the forest feel, and a snowflake adorns the dish for a finishing touch.
 % Amazing New Fragrance Bars ... and of Course Olaf Complete this collection.

Snow Globe
Warmer 2019

Limited Numbered edition

The Snow Globe Warmer is unlike anything we’ve offered before. A sweet snowman family in a glitter wonderland (yes, glitter!) reminds us of everything we love about winter, while a light casts a soft holiday glow and a fan keeps the glitter in motion for continuous sparkle.

Each warmer is numbered to be a unique, limited-edition collectible. It even comes with a matching Christmas ornament to adorn your tree!

Sold Out

Jelly Belly
Wax Collection

Our Jelly Belly® Wax Collection creates a classic mix of fragrance and flavour. Available now for a limited time, this collector's box includes five Scentsy Bars in some of Jelly Belly's most popular flavours — Sizzling Cinnamon, Juicy Pear, Toasted Marshmallow, Green Apple and Tutti-Fruitti. There are some actual Jelly Belly beans in these same flavours in the box as well.

Sold Out

Disney Stitch

Get all things Stitch in one fell swoop! Includes a Stitch – Scentsy Buddy with a preselected Scent Pak in Stitch: Experiment 626 and one Scentsy Bar in Stitch: Experiment 626.

A specimen like Disney’s Stitch requires the perfect formula, and this beaker-full of Valencia orange, pineapple nectar, sugarcane and sea salt mist is the sweetest catalyst.

Sold Out

Stella the Unicorn Warmer


Spotted: One adorable unicorn! Last seen making fantasies real wherever she roams with an ultra-glossy coat, rainbow mane and tail, and enough cute to win admirers of every age.


Vega the Unicorn Scentsy Buddy


Collectible and oh-so-cuddly! Snuggle up with a soft Scentsy Buddy — a loveable friend full of fragrance! Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favourite fragrance and comes with the Scent Pak of your choice!

Love in Paradise Bath Bundle


Two moisturising bath balls in the take-me-away fragrances of Blue Grotto and Pink Promenade! Arriving together in fun and flirty packaging with a built-in To/From label and the words: “Escape to your own little paradise. 150 g each.

Sold Out