Can You Make Money in Direct Sales?

When I started this website, I found thousands of people who promised to help you make money in your business if you bought A or B from them. I wanted someone to tell me that what I was doing was the right way, but for every right way someone had it as a wrong way! I got more and more confused, and more and more distressed about how much misleading "Advice" is on the web. So I want to help any aspiring entrepreneur, who is thinking of diving into starting up their own home business, by giving you my top 10 tips to making sure you give yourself a proper start. You will make money.. how much is dependant on how much commitment you are prepared to give your business! Why should you listen to me

February = Super-Size Kit

If you've been considering joining Scentsy then there's no better time to join than February! During February not only will you receive the current Starter Kit, you will also receive the new Spring / Summer catalogues and Fragrance Testers. Plus... this is the perfect time for starting to ensure you have the maximum opportunity to earn the next Scentsy incentive!


Well, at long last I've completed my website (with help from my daughter) after about 20 failed attempts! I think I've done not too bad? Just need to get the hang of this blogging now x

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