Financial assistance to Start MLM

Do You get benefits like Jobseekers Allowance? Employment and Supplement Allowance ? Or Income Support? Or perhaps your partner does and claims for you? You may also be eligible if you get Universal Credit! In April of this year the Government started the Enterprise Allowance scheme to help people on these benefits start their own businesses! And so long as you can come up with a credible Business Plan then the government will provide you with financial support to help you set up and establish your business. This financial incentive is fantastic for those people who are determined to succeed at building a business and turning their lives around. The financial support allows you to concentr

Cheap Scentsy

Did you know that Scentsy ALWAYS have a clear out / sale section? In this section you can find products which have been retired or discontinued at a cheaper than normal price. I know that it is a bit early but right now there are last years Halloween and Christmas warmers as well as waxes, oils for your diffuser and hand and body lotions. Bewitched Scentsy Warmer Normally £39.00 Now only £31.20 Save almost £8.00 Tux Scentsy Warmer Normally £39.00 Now Only £31.20 Save almost £8.00 There are lots of other products on the sale section, such as wax bars, scent paks, a couple of buddies, other warmers and accessories Check out the sale here If you se

7 Great Tips to get more from Your Scentsy!

We all know that Scentsy is amazing. Apart from being so safe and non toxic, it is the most incredible way to make your home smell fabulous. That being said, I have stumbled across a few ideas of other uses for our Scentsy products which are absolutely brilliant. I like to share these tips with members of my customer group, so I always try them first to make sure that they work.....and they do! Give them a try and find out for yourself! If You have any other novel uses for any of the Scentsy Products please share them by commenting below. 1. Room Spray and Fabric Freshener (Washer Whiffs) Get an empty spray bottle (mine is 24oz) Pour 1-2 tsp Baking soda in it Then pour half a cap of your fa

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