Whether you need a new bulb for your light bulb warmer or a new lead for your warmer ~ find the complete range of accessories here. Collection includes Mini Warmer bases (oops... did you knock yours out of the wall?), Warmer Stands to show off your Warmer, cords available in white or black (if you lose yours or feel you'd prefer a different coloured lead) and also available in 2 pin (in case you move abroad (or go on holiday) and want to take your Scentsy with you!).


If you would like to order any Scentsy accessories please contact me. Any orders placed through the Corporate website are subject to a £6.00 shipping fee unless your order amounts to more than £245 ~ for all orders under this amount please contact me direct regarding shipping costs. Use the Message us button or one of the options below.

    0797 276 4886                 jackieiannetta@aromaz.co.uk                 www.facebook.com/aromazscentsy


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