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Create a shareable Catalogue link

You can create a shareable Catalogue link to send to your customers like this one very easily and for free!

You can also create a banner for your group page that has instructions to click the banner to view the catalogue...make it easy for your customers. Did you know that if you click a banner an information box will open and you can add links and information in there? Easy Peasy to direct people to your catalogue!

Just follow the steps below;

1. Download the latest Scentsy Catalogue from your workstation... you will find it in Marketing - Business Marketing - Catalogues and Brochures. Hit download and save it to the device you are using.

2. Go to and open a free account (if you haven’t already got one).

3. Click on ‘Publish on the headings at the top of the page.

4. Select the file that you downloaded and upload to Calameo.

5. Hit Publish... Your catalogue will now upload. This takes a few minutes so be patient. It will then display on your dashboard.

6. On the publications tab you will see your brochure. If you hover over the image, a small box opens with an eye to view, a pencil to edit. Edit your catalogue... Change the publication title and add a description. ADD YOUR OWN BUSINESS NAME Make any changes you would like to the way the catalogue displays and make sure the visibility tag is set to ‘Public’ then press publish.

7. If you then hover over the image you will see a small arrow if you press that an option to share comes up hit that and then press copy beside the ‘READ’ version. You can now paste this URL anywhere and people will be able to view your catalogue. You can also share to Facebook, Pinterest, or any other social media networks you are using.

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