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Scentsy Bars ~Clearance Section Every new catalogue sees the disappearance of some older scents or seasonal scents to make room for the new releases and returning scents. For a short time after their removal some scents will be available for a short time in our Clearance Section before they disappear. You can check here for any bars still available even though they are not in the current catalogue. A new page will open which will take you to the corporate website

You can also make sure to keep getting a supply of your favourite scents even after they are discontinued by subscribing to The Scentsy Club  So long as the bars are still available for sale you can subscribe to get those bars for as long as you like. Shipping charges do apply but the more you buy, the lower the shipping charges. You as a member of the Scentsy Club would also be privileged to special perks for being a member

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