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Just One Scentsy Lady!

A Bit about Me....

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Hi I'm Jackie (that's me in the picture) and thanks for stopping by my website!

As you've probably gathered by now I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant... I am a Star Consultant, which is actually 3 levels up from where you start.

I haven't always been a Scentsy Consultant... I've trained as a teacher, had a restaurant and a pub, been a chambermaid and worked in shops, owned a bingo hall and an amusement arcade. I was an entertainment agent and toured all over the world and I was a Foster Carer... so I have led a very varied and exciting life!

I am also a Granny ~ I have 2 beautiful granddaughters and 1 adorable grandson, who I have the pleasure of looking after often!

So how did I end up with Scentsy??? Well... have you time for this?

To cut a long story short, I felt that fostering (which I had done for 20 years) was changing... for the worse and decided that enough was enough... I could RETIRE!... WRONG!  The government decided I could keep working for a few more years... 6 to be exact! I have spurs on my hips and advanced varicose veins so walking very far or standing all day is a no no for me. I am also a cancer survivor... 5 years clear now... Yayyyy! but that comes with it's own little side effects which are far too gross to go into detail about here... so what would I be any good at????

Never in a million years did I foresee that I would be a team leader helping a growing group of Consultants to be successful in this business! I started as a part time hobby that would save me going senile and dottled before my time because I had to sit and watch daytime TV... its awful!

I knew nothing about social media or marketing ~ I played Candy Crush on Facebook, that was it!
I now am pretty confident about Facebook and Instagram, dabble a bit on Pinterest and Google and have my own blog, where I try to help others avoid the pitfalls I encountered when I first started.

I started my Scentsy journey about two years ago now and I am loving every minute of it! Really!

I'm not going to tell you that it's all easy... and that you only have to spend 5 minutes a day and you will instantly have people clambering at your door to buy Scentsy ~ ! It doesn't work that way!  And don't believe anyone who does tell you that.

This is a business... just like any other. It takes and needs time to grow and flourish. It takes determination and motivation and a bit of stubbornness on your part to learn, study and work your business... if you seriously want to make a lot of money and a few people do make a serious amount of money at it!

Every Independent Scentsy Consultant has their own reasons for joining, for some they love the product and want to get it cheap or free for themselves and their family and friends, others want or need, some extra income every month to make ends meet. Others crave the social side of it, meeting people from all walks of life or the great Incentives that Scentsy offer, like holidays which are totally over the top and will impress the hell out of you! But whatever your reason or your why is, and so long as you are honest and have a realistic expectation of what you can achieve, you will have an amazing experience with Scentsy ~ even when you are frustrated with yourself and haven't met the targets you set yourself, it doesn't matter, you just get up the next day and  go for it if that's what you want to do! There is no boss breathing down your neck, saying this or that has to be done in such and such a time... you just have to self motivate yourself! But the real beauty of working for yourself is reaching your goals and then beating them!  At least that does it for me.

I love that one of my first goals was to sell £500 of products in a month. I would then have made £100! My very first month I made £250! So I upped that goal and when I beat that, I upped it again, and again, and again!

But I'm wandering way of the topic! I love the product! Its the first Home Fragrance System that I can honestly say works (for me) and saves me money! I love the social side of it, I have met so many amazing people as customers or work mates, I have a freedom to work when and how I want, I love being able to pass on my knowledge to others and seeing them succeed and I love the extra money and great incentives I can earn by selling a product I think is absolutely amazing!

I'm also a dog owner, I now have 3 poodles - Chico, Coco, Marley and Bambi

(sadly Bambi has passed away since this picture was taken)

So that's a fair bit about me... and I would love it if you could leave me some feedback about my website (this is the first website I have ever had... is it okay or could I improve any of it?) or ask me any questions you may have (I love helping others) or just even say hi and let me know that at least one person has stopped by xx

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