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Can you Join Scentsy?

Hi there, my name is Jackie, I am a Scentsy Director and I love being a Scentsy Consultant!

You can read all about my reasons for joining Scentsy here... and I can honestly say that joining Scentsy was probably one of the best decisions I EVER made!

Scentsy is an amazing company to be part of and if you have ever thought about joining a Direct Sales Company, for that extra money every month or to be part of something really special, then you will not go far wrong with Scentsy.
Check out our
Income Disclosure Figures Results may not be typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the Income Disclosure provided by Scentsy.

This is an incredible product that is taking the UK and Europe by storm, child friendly, pet friendly and toxin free. With motivation from you and encouragement and support from me and my team, you can reach for the Stars then pick them up and put them in your pocket! So to answer your Question ...Can You join Scentsy? 
I would say YES! Most definitely!

Not everyone who joins Scentsy will be successful. 
Many join just so they can get their own Scentsy products at a discounted rate  or sell to friends and family and get their Scentsy products from their hostess rewards so that their own Scentsy cost half or even free! 
Others join and are happy to just place one order every month and get some extra cash every month. 

Others join with a determination to be successful, they share the products with everyone they meet and encourage others to join and these people often climb very high up the Scentsy ladder! 
Your success will come from what you want from this and the effort you put into it 
Good news though.... is you wont do it alone! 

Our team will be their to help you every step of the way!

Join Our Award Winning Team ~ Shoot For The Moon!

Our team is small but growing! We have over 70 active members who all started as Essential Consultants and have grown to become Certified, Lead, Star and even Superstar Consultants A couple will be Directors themselves pretty soon. 
Many started this just as a part time hobby during Lockdown but have since discovered how easy and how rewarding being part of this great company is! 
And above all they love the confidence and self esteem Scentsy has given them 
We are all part of one of the nicest, caring families, who have the same desire in our see you succeed!
Which is why our training, which has won industry awards is second to none! 

Some Great Reasons To Join Scentsy

The Scentsy Starter Kit is yours to keep

No stock holding requirements

You earn commission on all of your orders

There are no fees to remain a consultant and you can walk away at anytime

No need to obtain a card reader as you can process customers card payments via the Scentsy Workstation without any fees

Full support from our group “Shoot for the Moon” as well as full support and training from Scentsy


Lots of perks from earning half-price items and product credit to once-in-a-lifetime holidays.

Why Choose Scentsy? - The Company

The Scentsy Mission Statement - To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses, and Inspire the Soul.

  • Scentsy is a direct selling company and international leader in home and personal fragrance,

  • Scentsy offers stylish, innovative and customizable products designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul.

  • The Scentsy Diffuser instantly fills the air with world-class fragrant all-natural and essential oils. 

  • Scentsy’s flagship product line of scented, wax Scentsy Bars heated in handcrafted warmers provides a safe, personalized alternative to traditional candles.

  • Additional product lines ~ all infused with exclusive Scentsy fragrance.

  • Scentsy products are sold through a network of Independent Consultants 

  • Scentsy is now available in over 13 countries around the world, including North America, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Scentsy is proud to be an active and award-winning DSA member. Scentsy has earned DSA Ethos Awards each year from 2009-2016, beginning with the DSA’s first-ever Rising Star Award in 2009.

Why Choose Scentsy - The Products
Scentsy Ideal Home Show 2017, Aromaz Ideal Home Show, Scentsy Scotland

Myself and some of our amazing team at the

Ideal Home Show 2017 in the SECC, Glasgow

  • Scentsy products have no flame.

  • Scentsy Warmers, Diffusers and our New Scentsy Go all come with a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Scentsy provide a range of products to suit all ages.

  • Scentsy provide a natural toxin free method of fragrancing your home.

  • Scentsy is an ideal gift for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, House Warming Presents and so much more.

  • Exciting New Products released at least twice a year.

Current Scentsy Starter Kits for UK, Ireland & Europe

How much does it cost to join Scentsy?

You have 3 options ~ 

FREE!  This requires you gathering orders before you join ( I will give you paperwork etc to help you do this) and once you have collected @£600 worth of orders we will place your first order and grab you a free Hostess kit from your rewards 

VERY LITTLE OUT OF POCKET COSTS ~ When I close one of my own orders I have the opportunity to offer a cut price Hostess kit. This means for very little outlay you can join right away and start earning commission. 

BUY THE STARTER KIT FOR £91~ This is a full size kit with everything you need

See below for products in both kits 

The Scentsy Starter Kits

Supersized Scentsy UK Starter Kits Available This Month

  • Classic Curve – Gloss Gray Warmer

  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar

  • Luna Scentsy Bar

  • Slate Mini Fan Diffuser

  • Amazon Rain Scentsy Pod Twin Pack

  • Vanillamint Counter Clean

  • Amazon Rain Car Bar

  • Vanilla Bean Buttercream Travel Twist

  • Coconut Lemongrass Scented Stickers (1 pack of 72 stickers)

  • Luna Scented Stickers (1 pack of 72 stickers)

  • Eucalyptus Lavender Mint Oil Scented Stickers (1 pack of 72 stickers)

  • Jasmine White Tea Oil Scented Stickers (1 pack of 72 stickers)

  • Sample Packette Bundle (Laundry and Body)

  • Classic Curve Felt Samples

  • Art of Fragrance Kit

  • Spring/Summer 2023 Fragrance Tester Set

  • Autumn/Winter 2023 Transition Tester Set

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Consultant Guide

  • Product Training Guide

  • Spring/Summer 2023 Catalogues (1 pack of 20)

  • Autumn/Winter 2023 Catalogues (1 pack of 20)

  • Autumn/Winter 2023 Product Lists

  • Host/Join Brochures

  • Invitation Postcards

  • Thank You Postcards

  • Merchandise Sacks

  • Mini Zip Sacks

  • Order forms

  • Starter Kit Exclusive Insulated Tote


Actual contents subject to change without notice.
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Need more Information? 

Please contact me via email or telephone if you would like more information  I am always happy to discuss Scentsy


and we are all waiting to say HI! 

Incentives and Commission
For those who achieved the 2019 Scentsy incentive trip... Switzerland!
with an all expenses paid trip to the land of Cheese and Chocolate for you and up to 1 guest!
Scentsy 2019 Incentive Trip ~ Switzerland!

When you sign up to sell Scentsy you will be an independent business owner. You now have the flexibility to keep your own hours, work from home, or if you are like me and most women are, we are MASTER multi-taskers - work from your car, doing the shopping, taking the kids to school, at the Hairdresser - you get the point! You can work as little or as much as you want, and earn fabulous rewards and incentive trips. Earn enough to take a guest with you (FREE). There trips are completely free and I earned mine by doing something I love to do anyhow which is SHARE SCENTSY with everyone I could!
This year alone, I have earned an All -Expenses paid trip to Moon Palace in Cancun Mexico in January, and an All expenses paid trip to Switzerland in April. I'll also be jaunting off to Amsterdam in August for the Scentsy Reunion and my ticket for this was paid by Scentsy!


As a Consultant you start on a commission level of 20% of all your sales. Once you have sold £1000 worth of products you get a raise of 5%. If you sell more than £2000 in a month you earn an extra 5% commission for that month! (I now do this regularly) You take orders, and the payments from your customers and then pay the full retail cost when placing your orders. Your commission is then paid to your bank account on the 10th of the following month. You may also receive leadership bonuses of up to 9% on the entire downline volume of the Scentsy Consultants that sign up under you, if you decide to recruit. For every qualifying party or sales order you place (£245) you will receive 2 x 1/2 priced items and 10% in free product as well as the corresponding commission. You can keep these, sell them and keep the money or use them as incentives for hostesses to book parties with you , if that's the road you choose.


People can and DO make a lot of money selling Scentsy!
And our CEO's Heidi and Orville Thomson can be found giving you some more reasons


What are you waiting for??? Click one of the buttons below NOW...


Warning - Scentsy is Highly Addictive!

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