Scent Of The Month

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Customers in the USA have enjoyed having a Scent of the Month for a good few years now and the recent growth of Scentsy here in the UK and Europe has finally led to it being introduced here as well!
Starting in August 2018 a new fragrance will be available to purchase for that month only. These will be brand new Scents Consultants will be able to tell you what the following months fragrance will be and even give you a free sample to see if this is one you must get for your collection.
During the Month of release, The Scent of the Month fragrance will be discounted by 10%


September  2021
Opal Flowers

Lush raspberry entwined with flowering lily of the valley and soft rose petals shines like a precious stone

August  2021
Vanilla Blackberry

Bold Fruity blackberry draws you in with and amber and vanilla finish

July 2021

Star-kissed petals shine through fluffy cotton and soft vanilla clouds making all your celestial dreams come true

June 2021
Apple Blossom Breeze

Delicate Apple Blossom and jasmine flutter in a  sweet, cool breeze

May 2021
Palm Trees & Ocean Breeze

Bright palm leaf and fresh coconut sway to the rhythm of an ocean breeze

April 2021
Plumeria Peach

Ripe pineapple and luscious peach blend sweetly over a bed of blooming Plumeria


Plump Raspberry is delighfully dusted with sugar and the slightest hint of peppermint

February 2021
Ginger Spice

Sultry pink amber sets the mood,while lemon zest and

fresh ginger bring the spice

January 2021
Jade & Jasmine

Start fresh with green lemon and blue jasmine garnished with rosemary in this gem of a fragrance.


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October 2019
Citrus Pomegranate

Citrus Pomegranate — a sunny 

orchard of sweet-bursting oranges and lush pomegranates sprinkled with sugar crystals. 

September 2019
Blackberry Mint

Blackberry Mint — skip down a grove of ripe, lip-smacking blackberries, sparkling minty sage and sheer musk. 

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Scent of the Month

Catch a cool sea breeze bursting with sun-drenched citrus, upbeat coconut milk and sweet peach nectar.

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Sweet, lip-smacking watermelon slices spiked with juicy tangerine and dewy greens.

June 2019
Lemon Daisy

Cheery, yellow daisies dance among sweet Meyer lemon slices dusted with vanilla sugar crystals.

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December 2018
Strawberry Champagne Truffle

Fresh strawberries, creamy vanilla and a splash of champagne will make any celebration.

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November 2018
Scarlet Woods

Find your fairytale in vivid notes of cassis and redberry over crisp white cedar.

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October 2018
Johnny Appleseed

Just-picked McIntosh pops with apple peels and a hint of crisp pear
A very popular strong long lasting scent

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September 2018
Ivy and Waterlily

A blend of mandarin zest, rain-kissed jasmine and sheer amber beneath fresh dew drops.