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Scent & Warmer Of The Month

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Customers in the UK have enjoyed having a Scent of the Month for a good few years now and the recent growth of Scentsy here in the UK and Europe has finally led to a Warmer of the Month  being introduced here as well!
Starting in January 2022 a new fragrance and a new warmer will be available to purchase for that month only at a discounted price. These will be brand new Scents.  Consultants will be able to tell you what the following months fragrance will be, show you what the Warmer will be  and even give you a free sample to see if this is one you must get for your collection.
During the Month of release, The Scent of the Month fragrance and the Warmer of the Month will be discounted by 10%


This Month's Products

10% Discount available in January  *Discounts do not apply to Bundle & Save

Scentsy-ShoreWhyNot-Warmer of the Month-Aromaz.jpg
March 2022

Shore, Why Not ~ £60.30

Sea glass-style pebbles, like stones washed in with the tide, echo the serene beauty of the coast.


Wattage: 25W

Finish: Glow

Dimensions: 16 cm tall

Hey, Tiger Lily ~ £6.52

Wild tiger lily perks up sugared mandarin and luminous jasmine on a bright and beautiful sunny day.

Scentsy-BetterTogether-January 2022-Aromaz.jpg
Scentsy-Sun Ripened Berry-Aromaz_edited.
January 2022

Better Together ~ £61.00

Hundreds of heart-shaped speckles, awash in a pink glow, create a sweet, glittering display when this warmer is lit, illustrating how were better together.

6.5" tall
Glows when lit

Sun Ripened Berry ~ £7.25

A refreshing scoop of orange sorbet sprinkled with sun-ripened raspberries and strawberry sugar.


February 2022

Blue Agate ~ £61.00

Patterned after the soothing stone, Blue Agate gives off an all-natural vibe and a whole lot of Zen.
6.5" tall
Glows when lit

Sunburst Bamboo ~ £7.25

Lush sunburst bamboo and crisp cucumber under a sheer canopy of peony offer a tranquil escape.

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