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Scentsy is SIMPLICITY!


A safer, flame free, wickless alternative to traditional scented candles and so much more. 
This concept uses decorative ceramic warmers to gently melt scented wax bars using the heat of an electric warming plate or light bulbs. Because there’s no flame, there’s no soot, smoke or toxins, Scentsy products provide a safer alternative than open flame candles. There are over 80 different fragrances and over 50 different warmers... Everyone can create their perfect combination!


For those who prefer a more subtle scent, I would recommend our ultra modern Scentsy Diffusers and oils. Last year saw the introduction of our rechargeable, colour changing Scentsy Go ~ perfect for toilets, small spaces and when you're on the go! The Scentsy Go uses fragranced pods, available in a variety of our most popular scents. New to the UK ~ Scentsy Mini Warmers... these fantastic little warmers plug directly into the socket with no wires, great to use as nightlights, perfect in kitchens where sockets are a little higher. I just love these and can't wait until more become available to us.


We also have other fragrance products including Buddies and Buddy Clips for children (of any age!), Sidekicks for Babies, Scent Paks, Car Bars, bath & body products and laundry care.



Using your new Scentsy warmer is simple! Authentic Scentsy Warmers use either a heating element or light bulb to slowly melt our specially formulated wax. With no flame, smoke or soot, Scentsy Warmers are a safe way to enjoy Scentsy fragrances. Just plug in your Scentsy warmer, add a cube of wax, or if you want a stronger fragrance (or you have a large room), 2 cubes and you're ready to go! Wax can be re-used over and over again until the scent is completely gone. There is no need to add water to the wax. Scentsy Warmers gently warm the wax instead of burning it, so our waxes can hold a lot more scent which means the fragrance holds for a lot longer.


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  • Scentsy uses synthetic oils and naturally-derived oils to achieve high quality, consistent, long lasting fragrances. Scentsy’s oils do not contain phthalates.

  • Scentsy uses a custom food-grade paraffin wax blend selected for its superior scent loading capability, melting point and firmness.

  • Scentsy Bars are small blocks of scented wax that come in eight break apart sections. Because of the wax’s superior scent-load capacity, Scentsy candle bars can produce some of the most vibrant fragrances possible. All Scentsy wax is manufactured at Scentsy’s headquarters in Meridian, Idaho, USA.

  • Vegetable-based waxes do not produce a quality candle. Scientific research suggests there are health risks with burning any type of candle, since Scentsy warmers do not burn wax, no chemicals or pollutants are released into the air to contaminate lungs, walls or furniture.

  • The type of wax used allows Scentsy Bars to hold more fragrance oils, resulting in a better fragrance throw. Additionally, Scentsy Bars are safer than wicked candles because no flame is required to melt the wax or release the fragrance.




  • Scentsy Warmers are wickless, flameless and sootless.

  • Some of our Scentsy Warmers use an electric heating element to slowly melt soft, scented wax bars to maximise fragrance time. Four small LED’s illuminate the warmer and enrich any decor.

  • And some of our Scentsy Warmers use a light bulb to slowly melt our wax. These warmers (especially those using 40w bulbs ~ Cream Diamond is my favourite) can be a little brighter than the LED ones and can also double as a softly lit table lamp. 

  • Each warmer is made of high quality ceramic or glass and comes in many styles and designs to fit any décor.

  • Scentsy warmers are designed by Scentsy and manufactured in facilities in China to our specifications. China’s artisans are some of the best in the world at ceramic manufacturing.

  • Scentsy Warmers using a heating element (up to 13 watts) and an LED light combination provide a low impact, low cost, energy foot print. 




Scentsy is more than just wax that goes into your Scentsy Warmer that makes your house smell gorgeous. Scentsy is about friendships, a chance to improve your self esteem and raise your self confidence. It can in some cases create opportunities for you pay bills off, earn that trip for the family that you've always wanted, buy groceries, pay to get a massage, treat your partner to a meal out on a Friday night or to help pay for college for your son or daughter.

Check out our Income Disclosure Figures as these earning examples are not typical for all consultants


Scentsy means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but most certainly is a lot more than just a little bar of wax!!!

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