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Most of our Scentsy warmers here in the UK, use a warming plate to gently create heat to warm the candle wax and not a flame, so there aren’t the harmful emissions or dangers of an open flame. This means that the fragrance in the wax lasts much longer than any competitors. Scentsy have now introduced lamp shade warmers in the UK that work under the same principal but use light bulbs to melt the wax ~ creating a brighter / warmer glow whilst melting your favourite scent.


You can leave your Scentsy Warmer on for hours a day, just like you would a lamp in your home.


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Scentsy Warmers are very easy to use ~ simply plug them in and insert the wax in the warmer dish. Each Scentsy Wax Bar will last a minimum of 50-80 hours.  Scentsy Wax doesn’t get too hot when melted in a Scentsy Warmer… you can dip your finger in it and won’t get burned. To clean it out, I have always found it easier to have the wax melted, then use cotton wool balls to soak up the wax and give it a wipe, then put a new cube in. Simple! You can use a spatula if you prefer to pop the wax out when it is solid. Which ever way, take either the cotton wool balls or the block of wax and put in a drawer or the bottom of the bin to keep them smelling fresh.

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We have four warmer types in tons of styles and sizes, all ready to make your world a better place!


  • Light Bulb Warmers ~ Light bulb Warmers are encased in a range of beautiful glass shades. Melt our wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb and fill your space with fragrance... not flame, smoke or soot

  • LED Warmers ~ Beautifully handcrafted porcelain warmers with LED lights that create a soft glow or light feature whilst a heating element gently warms the wax to release the fragrance... again and with all of our Warmers ~ safe from the toxins of smoke and soot.

  • Element Warmers ~ These artistic porcelain pieces feature a heating element to safely warm wax without illumination.

  • Mini Warmers ~ Plug them into a wall socket (no wires) to bring fragrance and illumination to small spaces.

Element Warmers do not have any light emitting from them... all the benefits of Scentsy but without the light. Decorative wraps can be added to a select few of our porcelain Warmers, when on the light shines through to create mesmerising patterns 




Throughout our catalogue you will find indication marks that let you know the type of process that was required to make that warmer.


  • "H" - Hand painted finish. The warmer is finished with hand-painted accents, carefully and individually applied by craft workers.

  • "R" - Reactive glaze finish - One of a kind warmers created with a reactive glaze process that gives each piece a handcrafted look.

  • "H" + "R"- These warmers combine a reactive-glaze finish with hand-painted accents.

  • "C" - Crackle Glaze. Tiny cracks appears in the finish, giving the warmer a distinct, aged look.

  • "[G]" - Glow. Crafted of porcelain that will glow from within when lit.


Each of these categories have many different Scentsy options which change with the season and by the year. View my Catalogue page for updated info on which warmers are still available.


Scentsy now offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer's defects on all our warmers and diffusers ~ we are just that sure of our quality!

How are Scentsy Warmers made? The video above explains the process from Rock to Warmers perfectly.

NEW TO UK FOR AUTUMN WINTER 2017 ~ Scentsy Mini Warmers

At last, Scentsy Mini Warmers have arrived in the UK and Europe!


These beautiful plug in Warmers are replicas of some of our most popular warmers and have all the same beautiful details but... in miniature! With a lower retail price, our Mini Warmers are a great way to introduce yourself (or a friend / family member) to Scentsy.

Scentsy Mini Warmers use a 15-watt light bulb to slowly melt our wax. Just plug it in and enjoy your favourite Scentsy fragrances. Suitable for use in smaller spaces like offices, workspaces or where you don't have table top access but need Scentsy! As these plug directly into the wall with no leads, they are perfect if you have higher sockets around your home or for use in the kitchen. Like regular warmers, when it’s time to change the wax just use a few cotton wool balls to soak up the melted wax and replace it with your new fragrance.

See our Range of Mini Plug Ins and Tabletop Base Warmers

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