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Scentsy Limited Collections 

These exclusive limited time collections have been created in collaboration with our partners like Disney, Warner Brothers, European Football, Marvel and Star Wars to name a few . 
There are no time limits on purchasing these items, however as they are LTO'S ( Limited Time Offerings) they will only last as long as availability does and sometimes these collections or products from a collection will not last very long . Some Items sell out in minutes! 
Other items are sometimes removed from sale and placed in the vault. When this happens those products that were stored in the vault can sometimes be rereleased at a new lauch with new products added to that collection. 


These products will be available soon. 
At present we do not have any details of price etc but you can fill in my Register Your Interest Form for me to contact you once I have more details

Monsters Inc
21st August 2023
Request price and any special offers when released
Current Collections

Click on any of the Images to go straight to my website for more details and prices 

Placing an Order

We are given a time for New Releases and on the date of the release then you can either place a pre order with me of place an order direct on my website at the designated time.  I am always prepped and ready to get in the waiting queue and place my orders as soon as a product goes live. Please fill in the link below if you would like information on NEW PRODUCTS LAUNCHING 

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