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SCENTSY KIDS - Fragrant, Imaginative Products for Children.


Have you ever been in the grocery store or library and noticed a young kid dragging along a tattered, dirty blankie or baby doll? Or heard a baby crying while Mum frantically searched an overstuffed bag for the one thing sure to calm the little one down?

Maybe you’ve been that parent!

Even when they get ragged and worn, a well-loved security object — aka Blankie, Baby, Lovey, Baba, Binky, Stuffy, Little Guy and every other nickname you can imagine — is supremely significant. Countless cars have been turned around on countless road trips to retrieve a lost, precious toy.

But why?

To a little one, the world can seem pretty big and chaotic. Things are always changing: lights, noises, colors, textures, smells. Holding on to something special and constant helps them cope with the whirlwind and handle big transitions. And it’s an important part of baby’s emotional development.

Naturally, the one thing a child loves most in the world, the guaranteed way to stop tears or calm little fears, also becomes a security object for parents, too! And you can bet that as the years go by and the child no longer needs his Teddy or Baba, Mom and Dad still hold on to it for safekeeping.



Did you know? Babies usually choose their lovey by their first birthday — and it’s a relationship that can last for years!



There’s really no way to know what item Baby will latch on to — it’s almost never the adorable, expensive toy you want them to want. More often, it’s something random, soothing and soft to the touch, so it can be properly cuddled.


It’s also the ultimate goal with buying any new baby gift: to be the person who gives the one thing they completely fall in love with!

To put the odds in your favour, choose a snuggly toy with sensory features little ones crave. 

Kids Range

  • Buddy Clips Filled with scented beads, these super-cute, on-the-go clips are perfect for decorating backpacks and more! Each Buddy Clip features its own unique fragrance.

  • Scentsy Buddies: A fun Loving friend for all. Perfect companion from birth to teens!

  • Scentsy Friends  Every little girls' best buddy A doll to be the guardians of all their secrets, a confidante 

  • BItty Buddies. Super soft and squidgy. Perfect for little hands to grab and sueeze perfect stress balls for adults! 
    All feature kid-friendly fragrance for even more sensory engagement! Plus, the happy scents help offset the inevitable wear and tear a proper lovey must endure.

Explore our range of Kids Products

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Scentsy Friends

Scentsy Buddies

Bitty Buddies


Scentsy Buddy Clips

Scents provide one of the most powerful links to our memories... there is scientific evidence of this. Past studies have shown that memories triggered by smells are more vivid and emotional than those triggered by sounds, pictures or words. By introducing scents to your childs life through a Scentsy Buddy you will be allowing them to start their own scent memories which will stay with them throughout their lifes and can be used as a source of comfort, even when they are much older.

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