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Scentsy have a fantastic range of products specially created for children... A moment so sweet. Let them make their own magic with these kid-approved products and fragrances. 

Available are our Buddy Clips, Scentsy Sidekicks and not forgetting our Limited Edition Scentsy Buddies.

Kids of all ages will love to express themselves with our great range of scented companions


Scentsy Friends


Scentsy Buddies


Scentsy Sidekicks


Scentsy Blanket Buddies


Scentsy Buddy Clips

Scents provide one of the most powerful links to our memories... there is scientific evidence of this. Past studies have shown that memories triggered by smells are more vivid and emotional than those triggered by sounds, pictures or words. By introducing scents to your childs life through a Scentsy Buddy you will be allowing them to start their own scent memories which will stay with them throughout their lifes and can be used as a source of comfort, even when they are much older.


the German Shepherd


 Scentsy Buddy


Daisy Duck 

Scentsy Buddy


Donald Duck

Scentsy Buddy


Genna the Giraffe
Scentsy Buddy

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Lenny the Lamb

Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy Disney MiickeyMouseBuddy|Aromaz.

Mickey Mouse 

Scentsy Buddy


Minnie Mouse 

Scentsy Buddy

Disney Goofy Buddy from Aromaz.png


Scentsy Buddy


Scentsy Buddy


Clip-on, collectible and oh-so-cute, these fuzzy friends are filled with scented beads that deliver kid-friendly fragrance anytime, anywhere. Great for backpacks and bedrooms The answer to how a kid can keep a favorite Buddy close by for a cuddle... these mini versions of favourite Buddies have a strong polypropylene clip and are easy to attach. Filled with soft beads infused with our new kids’ fragrances, pick your favourite. Scent cannot be replaced in Buddy Clips.


Calypso the Unicorn

& Berry Fairytale

Dory – Scentsy Buddy Clip + Just Keep Sw

Dory – Scentsy Buddy Clip & Just Keep Swimming 

Scentsy Pep Buddy Clip, Scentsy Gleeful Grape, Scentsy Kids, What is Pep?, Is Pep a Haggis?, Is Pep a Yeti?

Pep the ???

& Gleeful Grape


Haddie the Collie

& Sunkissed Citrus

Scentsy Shu Shu the Panda Buddy Clip, Scentsy Jammy Time, Scentsy Kids, buy scentsy, join scentsy, sell scentsy,

Shu Shu the Panda

& Jammy Time


&Just Keep Swimming


Farah the Flamingo

& Crazy Coconut


& Candy Crave

Saltie Seahorse

& Candy Crave

Lulu the Lamb

& Apple Crush

Scentsy Sidekicks


Now available in 6 cute designs ~ Scentsy have introduced specially scented toys, just for babies! Sidekicks offer the engaging sensory fun little ones crave, like crinkly legs, teething rings, knee socks that move up and down. Plus, parents will love the hands that attach to car seats, push chairs and more! Each one is scented with Their own unique fragrance. The scent in Sidekicks cannot be replaced.


Diva the Unicorn
& Berry Fairy Tale

Scentsy Luka the Lion Sidekick, Scentsy Sidekicks, Luka Lion, Scentsy for babies, Jammy Time Fragrance, Buy Scentsy, Join Scentsy,

Finley the Frog
& Jammy Time


Finley the Frog
& Jammy Time


& Twitterpated 

Dilly the Dog

& Candy Crave

& Twitterpated


Winnie the Pooh
& Hundred Acre wood

& Hundred Acre Wood

& Hundred Acre Wood

& Hundred Acre wood

Scentsy  Scent Paks


Fun fragrance for drawers, lockers and Scentsy Buddies (in fact anywhere you think), not restricted to or for kids but this range of Scent Paks are available in each of our fab kids fragrances. Where will you put yours?


Berry Fairy Tale

Scentsy Scent Pak


Mickey Mouse & Friends

Scentsy Scent Pak

Scentsy Jammy Time Scent Pak, Help kids drift into dreamland with this soothing blend of baby freesia, lavender and sweet pea. Perfect for bedrooms and evening baths, Scentsy bean bags, Scentsy for small spaces, is Scentsy good?, Kids scentsy, Bags for Scentsy buddies, Buy Scentsy, Join Scentsy,

Jammy Time

Scentsy Scent Pak

Scentsy Newborn Nursery Scent Pak, Fresh, clean, and powdery, this dreamy scent evokes memories of cradling your little ones, Scentsy bean bags, Scentsy for small spaces, is Scentsy good?, Kids scentsy, Bags for Scentsy buddies, Buy Scentsy UK

Newborn Nursery

Scentsy Scent Pak

Scentsy Oodles of Orange Scent Pak, Kids will love this sweet, citrusy scent punched up by fresh pineapple, crisp papaya, mango blossom and ripe bunches of tropical berries. Yum!, Scentsy bean bags, Scentsy for small spaces, is Scentsy good?, Kids scentsy, Bags for Scentsy buddies, Buy Scentsy, Join Scentsy,

Oodles of Orange

Scentsy Scent Pak

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