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Scentsy Fundraisers

A Scentsy fundraiser is super easy to do and is a fun novel way to support your organization while at the same time, helping their friends and family experience Scentsy Flamefree Candles.

Many groups are tired of selling useless personalised memorabilia or products that have no functionality at all, or are frustrated with high product prices, over the top customer shipping costs or demanding fundraising efforts, which is usually left to a select few 

Customers with a Scentsy Fundraiser, pay the same price for Scentsy products as they would at a normal Scentsy Party!

Scentsy Fundraising from Aromaz

Groups are perfect for hosting a Scentsy Fundraiser

  • Sports Teams (Swimming, Football, Karate, etc…..)

  • Competitive Dance Teams

  • Pre-Schools/ Day Care / Nurseries

  • Schools (Public/Private)

  • Marching Bands/Choirs

  • Pet Shelters/Rescues

  • Churches/Youth Groups

  • Boy Scouts/ Beavers / Cubs /Girl Guides./Brownies /Rainbows

  • Cheerleading Squads/Gymnastic Teams

  • Non-Profit Groups – Organizations

  • Any other clubs or community groups looking to raise money throughout the year!

Scentsy Fundraisers are a perfect way to earn extra money for any organization.  Any organization that you can think of that could use a little extra money throughout the year is an ideal beneficiary   I have done Scentsy fundraisers with various clubs, schools, community groups and Charitable Organizations .  All you have to do is ask!
I set up the Fundraiser, organise packs for collectors and organise collection of orders and payments. I also collate and package all the individual orders for distribution by the collectors to their individual customers. Within 30 days of the fundraiser ending I will present a cheque  to your organization or club for 20-25% of all sales.  It couldn’t be easier!

There are 3 ways to organise a Scentsy Fundraiser. You can select one , 2 or all 3 to work in conjunction with each other

Scentsy Fundraising

Online Scentsy Fundraiser

One of the simplest methods to manage, an online Fundraiser is where I set up a “party” on my Scentsy website for your group’s participants to direct friends and family to purchase directly from my website.  There is no money to collect as all payments are made online direct to Scentsy and no orders to deliver, as the Scentsy products are shipped right to their door via UPS. Customers do pay a Shipping Fee of £6.00, no matter how big or small their orders are, but if 2 or 3 people wish to combine their orders, this becomes negligible.

You can view how Your Online Party would look like

Traditional Scentsy Fundraiser

The most popular form of fundraisers.  Each group Collector is given a packet (I provide all of these) along with a catalogue, some order forms and some samples for distribution and are tasked with procuring customer orders from friends, family, and neighbours.  Each Collector is responsible for the return of all order forms and money collection, and the customers all receive free shipping.  After about 2 weeks of selling, I collect the orders from the participants and place the orders, then sort and label the Scentsy products for the Collectors to deliver.  The fundraiser is also listed as an event on my website, so that any contacts not in the local area can order and count toward the fundraiser.

Pop Up Stall or Table Display Fundraiser

With a shop style Scentsy fundraiser, a table can be set up to take orders or even sell product on hand directly to fundraiser customers at a gathering for your organization.  Having an open house for your school, group or team?  Set up a Scentsy Fundraiser table and boost your earnings!  This can be used in conjunction with both the Online Scentsy Fundraiser as well as the Traditional Scentsy Fundraiser options. 
How About hosting a traditional Scentsy party and I’ll donate the proceeds from that party to the fundraiser too?



















Contact me with any questions or to set up your Scentsy Fundraiser today! 

I look forward to providing a smooth, stress-free and profitable Scentsy fundraiser for your group.

Scentsy Fundraiser Display
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