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Bring Back My Bar

The UK and Europe's Next Bring Back My Bar Opportunity is almost here!
BBMBWinners2020 from Aromaz.jpg

The votes are in, have all been tallied up and for a short period starting Early February 2020, You have the chance to purchase your all time FAVOURITE Scentsy Fragrance!

BRING BACK MY BAR or BBMB for short was devised to give fans the opportunity to vote for their all time favourite bars which have been discontinued.

In October 2017 we saw here in the UK, the first BBMB list of available fragrances which could be returned for a short period. To get on this list Fragrances had to have been discontinued for a full year! Other Scents will be returning in a future Catalogue, whist more have unfortunately gone for good! This could be because the ingredients in a particular bar are no longer available or sales were just not high enough to continue to produce it.
Ultimately, Scentsy fans control which fragrances stay and which ones go. If you aren’t buying them, Scentsy Consultants aren’t selling them! And the same could be said about the Scents which will be available in February.....If you wanted a scent to return you had to vote for it...and I mean vote! It wasn't enough to vote once and then sit back, consultants and customers were fervently voting for their favourites to return.


If you would like to read more about  the history behind BBMB and also some FAQ's then head over to the Scentsy Blog and read up some of the facts and the reasoning behind this....its really interesting

Below is a list of the Bars that will be returning for a short period along with a short description, from early February 2020, and I will tell you now....that some will not be around for 2 full weeks!
These scents, like Adored, Love Story and Crazy Coconut, were and still are hugely popular and Scentsy Fans WILL stock up on these whilst they have the chance! Already I have customers wanting to place orders of 12, 18 and even 24 bars of a particular fragrance, and I know that Consultants all over our region are getting the same requests. Remember these are not New unfamiliar Scents...these were the MOST VOTED and MOST POPULAR Bars from an initial huge list of bars that you could vote for

SO IF YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE IN THIS LIST and want to place an order, I would recommend that you let me know HERE on my Pre Order Request form and I will contact you and arrange to place your order as soon as they become available.

Bars will be available to purchase Individually in any combination you prefer, only as long as supplies last or until 28th February 2020.

Really, really love one of these fragrances and don't want to lose it again? Subscribe to our
Scentsy Club and get the bar delivered to your home as often as you want. Even if no one else wants it, Scentsy will continue to make the bar just for you

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