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Element Warmers

Aloe Vera Warmer

The succulent trend continues to blossom, and this botanical beauty offers its own spin with hand-placed clay leaves and plenty of personality.


Awaken peace and discover tranquility; transform your space into a serene meditation garden with this Balinese Buddha with an aged, weathered look.

Chilling Brew

A little spooky and a little sweet, this fun warmer is the perfect addition to your Halloween display.

Cloud Nine Warmer

This blissfully simple porcelain warmer is embedded with an LED light, so the entire body glows softly, making it perfect for bedrooms or anywhere you want quiet, understated illumination.

Disney Mickey Mouse - Scentsy Warmer

Mickey Mouse is more than an icon. Our Disney Mickey Mouse – Scentsy Warmer is a statement piece that’ll make your favourite fragrances feel even more magical.

Disney Minnie Mouse - Scentsy Warmer

Minnie Mouse is a forever sweetheart. Our Disney Minnie Mouse – Scentsy Warmer adds the sweetest touch and will make your favourite fragrances feel even more magical.

Disney Olaf − Scentsy Warmer

He’s a happy snowman! Share in Olaf’s love for summer with this fun warmer, packed with playful details and even a sand-like finish. Try pairing it with Olaf: Warm Hugs, the fragrance designed exclusively for our Olaf products.

Glimmer & Glow

Modeled after a traditional lantern, this warmer is filled with delicate fairy lights for a warm, enchanting vibe.


A warmer that says it all — or at least whatever you want it to! This sleek white warmer has a grooved felt board that’s framed with real wood, so it fits with any décor. But you can make it stand out by adding your favourite quote, inspiration or reminders using the included letters, symbols, emojis and punctuation.

Little Garden

A meditative merging of cool greys and clean contours elevates this DIY warmer to artistic heights. Little Garden also includes three faux succulents and one bag of black stones, and can even be used with one of our Decorative Scenes. Or you can get creative and make your own exhibit using figurines, faux flora, rocks and more!

Polar Panorama

Enjoy the northern lights from anywhere! In an homage to nature’s greatest light show, rotating LED lights create a mesmerizing aurora borealis effect above the tree line. As in nature, this dazzling display is best visible in a darker environment.

Snow White - Scentsy Warmer

She’s the first Disney Princess, and she fills us with hope that wishes can come true. Capturing the classic scene of Snow White wishing for her dreams to come true, this timeless warmer is hand-painted and even features a real rope accent. Try pairing it with our exclusive Snow White: Kind Heart fragrance. Go ahead, make a wish!

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