Thinking about Joining Scentsy?

A Word from our CEO's Heidi and Orville

Scentsy truly is an amazing company to be a part of! Yes it is a business and yes you do have to work it...bur the rewards, both monetary and emotionally will far exceed your wildest dreams. You will never be alone and will have so much support and camaraderie that you will ask yourself ...."Why did I not start this earlier? "
We all start this journey for different could be extra money every month, or to get cheaper Scentsy Products for yourself. Maybe you want to stay at home with the kids or save for that dream Family vacation. Do you need to be more actively social...this is a great way to meet thousands of new people both locally and further afield.... whether customers or fellow consutants...many will become lifetime friends.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons to Join Scentsy


If you still have questions..I am only a phone call or email away. I would love to discuss any issues you still have
or if you are ready to sign up and be a part of my amazing team
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