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January Parties

Scentsy Double Hostess Rewards

Why host a Scentsy Party in January?

  •   They are great fun

  •   A brilliant excuse to have a girls night in

  •   All you have to do is invite your friends and lay on some simple nibbles...I do all the rest

  •   Every January Scentsy DOUBLES the Half-Price Rewards for EVERY party!


3 Different Kinds of Parties


There really is no better time to host a Scentsy Home Party; Give your friends the opportunity to unwind after the Holiday season , have a few drinks and let their hair down for a couple of hours.If you live nearby,  I’ll come over and together we’ll have a fun, no-pressure party to help your friends spend their Christmas money on something they’ll really love. Contact Me to schedule your Party


Have a Facebook Party and invite all your friends for a fun filled hour on their laptop, computer or Mobile Phone. No cleaning no preparing...easy peasey!

Maybe you don’t live so close to me, An easy way to get free Scentsy rewards is a Basket or Pouch Party.  I’ll send you my “Scentsy party in a purse” and you can host it more like a catalog or book party.  It’s super simple – just take the bag of tiny Scentsy scent testers and Catalogues I will send you,around with you everywhere you go, taking orders.If you have lots of family and friends who have never used Scentsy I can even send you a warmer so that you can lend it out for them to "Try before they Buy"  After about a week, you  send it all back and get lots of FREE Scentsy, without even having to clean your house or provide treats!  


I’ll be your Scentsy Consultant and help you with everything – it’s super easy!  Schedule your Scentsy party today.










This is the Hostess Reward chart so that you can see at a glance what rewards you can earn based on your Party Sales.

All the Half Priced Rewards are DOUBLED in January, so if you had Party Sales of, say £430, which is an average party, you would get4 x 1/2 priced items and £43 of FREE Products...that's a lot of Scentsy!


I will provide you with invitations and everything you need for your local guests along with a borrow basket so that you can get extra sales from guests who are unable to attend or maybe work colleagues that you just don't have the room to invite.

I also supply all the Party prizes and giveaways for your guests to enjoy

x2 as illustrated in the image is only valid through January

Plus ask me about my extra Incentive for all parties booked in January! Get even MORE!

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