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Scentsy Spirit Company Quote

Warm the Heart,

Enliven the Senses,

Inspire the Soul.

- Heidi Thompson

Buy Scentsy Products ~ Host a Scentsy Party ~ Join Scentsy

There's 3 ways to get involved with Scentsy;

  1. Purchasing your favourite fragrance Products from me online or in person.

  2. Hosting a Party ~ There's Home, Basket, Facebook and Catalogue Parties.

  3. Becoming a Scentsy Representative and joining my team.  


It's all up to you, depending on your love of our products! 


Hosting a Scentsy Party in particular is a great way to save money on the products.  You can get any item of your choice for free or 1/2 off depending on how much your party brings in. 

The starting amount for qualifying orders for parties is £225/270 EUR to get your free and 1/2 price items.  With the different options for parties, you don't have to have a home party!  You do not even need to live close by to take advantage of hostess rewards - Anytime you can get together orders from your friends / family, that hit the qualifying amount you can receive your goodies!

Scentsy is much more!...  Scentsy is more than just wax that goes into your Scentsy Warmer that makes your house smell gorgeous.  Scentsy is about friendships, a chance to pay bills off, earn that trip for the family that you've always wanted, buy groceries, pay to get a massage, treat your partner to a meal out on a Friday night save for something special or retirement or to help pay for college for your son or daughter.  Scentsy means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but most certainly is a lot more than just a teeny bar of wax.

If you would like more information on Buying Scentsy, Hosting a Scentsy Party or Joining Scentsy don't hesitate to contact me;


0797 276 4886 ~

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