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SCENTSY KIDS - Fragrant, Imaginative Products for Children.

When you first see a Scentsy Buddy you can be excused for thinking that it is just a stuffed/plush animal or creature.
But they are not! 

 A Scentsy Buddy is so much more than ‘just another toy’. Here’s why:

  • Every Buddy has a special pocket that holds your choice of fragranced Scentsy Scent Pak (included).

  • Scentsy Buddies are a multi-sensory experience. Different colours and textures meet fabulous fragrance. This makes a Buddy more interesting and more interactive for children of all ages! I am also proud to add that special needs children and adults often fall in love with Scentsy Buddies for just this reason.

  • Scentsy Buddies can hold more than just a Scent Pak. Often, Scentsy customers share that their new Buddy has become a tooth keeper for the tooth fairy, a place to store their angel baby’s ashes or a secret keeper for someone who needs a friend in a difficult time or situation.

  • There’s nothing quite like picking up your little one after a nap or snuggling together in the morning and having them smell just as lovely as the Scentsy Buddy they took to bed with them. I know my children take great comfort in having something familiar to help them settle at home or away from home too.


Scentsy Buddies quickly became a limited time offering rather than a staple in the Scentsy catalogue (because they kept selling out).
The excitement when a new Scentsy Buddy launches is like nothing else. Buddy lovers from all over the world rush to check out the latest addition to their  Scentsy Buddy collections.
We currently have one buddy, Lenny the Lamb who is featured in our current catalogue so he will be around and available for longer 



Scentsy Buddies are:

  • Limited Edition (please don’t ask us to source sold out Buddies, it’s easier to find an organ on the black market).

  • Highly collectable.

  • Designed based on Scentsy Consultant and customer feedback – Scentsy knows what we want!

  • The perfect present for all ages and genders.

It really does make scents (pun intended) that they are so well loved all over the world.

Currently Available Scentsy Buddies

Goofy - Scentsy Buddy


Halley the Unicorn Scentsy Buddy

Lenny the Lamb Scentsy Buddy

Marvel’s Spider-Man — Scentsy Buddy


Mickey Mouse - Scentsy Buddy


Minnie Mouse - Scentsy Buddy


Mushu - Scentsy Buddy

Pluto - Scentsy Buddy

Simba - Scentsy Buddy


Choose the Scent Pak of your choice free . 
Clicking on any of the buttons will take you to the product on my website.
There you can find more details, add your choice of Scent Pak, order online and have your order shipped direct to your door by UPS

Buzz Lightyear - Scentsy Buddy

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