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Scentsy Bath Soak

Relaxing in a hot bath soothes the body and the mind. Our new Scentsy Soak now gives you even more reason to sigh aaahhh at the end of your day! Scentsy Soak creates a relaxing bath experience like no other.

That’s because Scentsy Soak isn’t just bath salts. In addition to Pink Himalayan and Epsom salts, we formulate Scentsy Soak with premium moisturizers — a luxurious blend of aloe and sunflower oil — and, of course, our exclusive fragrances.

Each Scentsy Soak comes to you in a 2-pound bag, enough for multiple uses — making it a great value at only £14.50 per bag.

Scentsy Soak FAQ's

What is Scentsy Soak?
Scentsy Soak is a limited-time bath product comparable to a fragranced bath salt. In addition to Pink Himalayan and Epsom salts, Scentsy Soak is formulated with premium moisturizers — a luxurious blend of aloe and sunflower oil — and, of course, our exclusive fragrances.


What are the benefits of using Scentsy Soak?
Scentsy Soak is designed to soothe tired muscles, moisturize your skin and help you relax as you bathe — all while enjoying authentic Scentsy fragrances.


How long will Scentsy Soak last?
Scentsy Soak comes in a 2-pound bag, enough for 5 -6 uses when adding 1-2 scoops to water per bath.


What are the main ingredients in Scentsy Soak?
Scentsy Soak contains Pink Himalayan and Epsom salts, aloe and sunflower oil, all infused with signature Scentsy fragrances.


How long does it take for the salts to dissolve?
The salts will dissolve at varying rates depending on the amount of bath water and

its temperature. Initially, you may notice granules of salt on the bottom of the tub;

this is normal.


Where is Scentsy Soak made?
Scentsy Soak is made with love in Idaho.


What makes Scentsy Soak different?
Scentsy Soak is formulated not only with bath salts, but premium moisturizers such as aloe and sunflower oil, resulting a relaxing, skin-pampering bath experience.


How long will Scentsy Soak be available?
Scentsy Soak is available in our current catalogue, so at least until August.


Will Scentsy Soak colour my bathtub?
In our evaluation, we have not experienced this issue. Scentsy Soak is made with water-soluble colours to provide a beautiful as well as fragrant experience.


Does Scentsy Soak contain ingredients that may cause skin irritations?
Scentsy Soak is infused with fragrance. If you have known skin sensitivities, dissolve Scentsy Soak in bathwater and test it on a small area of your skin. If irritation occurs, wash off the area with clean water and discontinue use. If irritation occurs during or after bathing, rinse with clean water and discontinue use.


What fragrances is Scentsy Soak available in?
Scentsy Soak is currently available in  10 popular fragrances, some  they are Limited Time Only. Check this page to see what’s available today.


How much Scentsy Soak should I add to my bathtub?
Pour desired amount under warm running water. For best results, add about 1-2 scoops, depending on the size of your bathtub.


Will Scentsy Soak stain my skin?
Tests have shown Scentsy Soak does not stain the skin.


How long does the fragrance last?
Fragrance duration varies, but you’ll be able to smell Scentsy Soak in your bathroom hours after use.


How big is the bag?
Scentsy Soak comes in a 2-pound bag (32 ounces).


Is Scentsy Soak free of parabens and sulfates?
Scentsy Soak is paraben-free but not sulfate-free. Sulfates help create the fun foaming action.


Where can I get Scentsy Soak?
Secure online ordering for UPS delivery to your door here.

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