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7 Great Tips to get more from Your Scentsy!

We all know that Scentsy is amazing. Apart from being so safe and non toxic, it is the most incredible way to make your home smell fabulous.

That being said, I have stumbled across a few ideas of other uses for our Scentsy products which are absolutely brilliant. I like to share these tips with members of my customer group, so I always try them first to make sure that they work.....and they do!

Give them a try and find out for yourself!

If You have any other novel uses for any of the Scentsy Products please share them by commenting below.

1. Room Spray and Fabric Freshener (Washer Whiffs)

Get an empty spray bottle (mine is 24oz)

Pour 1-2 tsp Baking soda in it

Then pour half a cap of your favourite washer whiffs.

You can use more or less, depending on how strong

you want the scent. I used "Clean" in my batch.

Fill up with hot water, shake and spray!!

After sitting for a while you might have to shake

it up again, but it will last you for ages!

2. Hoovering your Carpets (Wax Bars or Washer Whiffs)

Place half a cup of washer whiffs into your clean vacuum bag ( If you have a bagless hoover put one cube of wax into the filter )

Makes the rooms mell great as you re hoovering and not the dusty smell you normally get.

Clean Breeze scent is my favourite for this

Change up your scents to suit the seasons.

3. A Comforting Ice Pack (Scent Paks)

Console an injured child with a comforting Scentsy Buddy Ice - Pack.

Chill the Ice pack in your freezer then place it in your little ones favourite Buddy.

You can also "chill " the Buddy for extra coolness.

Buddy' s can also be used when the Tooth Fairy needs to visit. Simply put the tooth in the pouch and replace with whatever your Tooth Fairy normally leaves in its place.

Start your own Family Tradition

4. Make a Bathroom Fragrant ( Oil or Scent Pak or Room spray )

Place a few drops of your favourite Scentsy oil directly onto the inner cardboard tube. Alternatively put a scent pack onto the toilet roll holder.

Every time the paper is used your favourite fragrance will be released.

If you have room spray this works as well.

5. Firestarters (Used Wax )

Don't throw out your old wax!

Your old cotton disks that you used to soak up the used wax from your warmers can be stored ready to use as firelighters!

Store them in a plastic bag and they will make superb Fire starters for your barbecues or camp fires.

If you have a traditional coal fire use them as kindle. They burn much longer than other methods

6. Fragrance your Bedding ( Scent Pak)

Fold your bedlinen into the matching pillowcase and add your favourite Scent Pak.

You bed linen will smell amazing and your cupboard will be so well organised

7. Ever Miss the smell of Scentsy on Holiday? (Scent Paks)

Throw one (or two ) Scent paks in your suitcase when you are packing. By the time you reach your destination your clothes will be smelling of your favourite Scentsy scent.

When you unpack, use the scent pak to fragrance your room, your wardrobe or the bathroom. Bliss!

I hope you have enjoyed these extra uses for some of the Scentsy products and will try them in your home. If you have any great ideas of extra uses for Scentsy please add them in the comments below and I will share them with my customers who always love these ideas. I do a Tip Tuesday on my Facebook group page Aromaz

You an view all the Scentsy range on my website If you would like to order anything please contact me...I can often save you shipping / postage charges

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