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New Marvel’s Black Panther Scentsy Warmer & products arriving 22nd Sept at @ 7.15pm

Feel the power of Black Panther with a new warmer worthy of the king of Wakanda.

Inspired by Marvel’s brave and regal warrior, the new Black Panther – Scentsy Warmer is uniquely crafted with inlaid textures. And each warmer includes a purple light bulb, representing the energy absorbed and projected by his vibranium-powered suit.

But that’s not all! We’re also bringing back the Black Panther – Scentsy Buddy and Wall Fan Diffuser, adding a bundle and throwing in reduced prices and freebies for heroic savings.

Here are the purchasing options!

Black Panther All in One Bundle – £73 (includes 1 Black Panther – Scentsy Warmer, 1 Black Panther – Buddy + Marvel: Nine Realms – Scent Pak,1 Black Panther – Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser, 1 Marvel: Nine Realms – Scentsy Bar, and 1 Marvel: Nine Realms – Scentsy Pod Twin Pack)

Black Panther Scentsy Warmer £48

Black Panther – Scentsy Buddy + Marvel: Nine Realms – Scentsy Scent Pak £18.25

Black Panther Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser + Pods (no light) £21 Marvel: Nine Realms Black Panther Scentsy Scent Pak, £9.25

Contact me to place your Pre Order now or shop on my website on 22nd September @ 7.15


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