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Grab this Amazing Bundle for only £24.00 in July

Once you buy this kit you have a choice to make...

Pay £24 ( plus £6 shipping) and get over £75 worth of Scentsy products including

The Light from Within Mini Plug In Warmer

Five of our most beloved Scentsy Bars:

  • Black Raspberry Vanilla

  • Coconut Lemongrass

  • Simply Black Cherry

  • Sunset Citrus

  • Sweet Pea & Vanilla

  • 25 Fragrance Testers Includes Bestsellers and new Spring/Summer 2024 fragrances

  • The Art of Fragrance Kit

  • and a pack of 5 Catalogues! Then decide if you want to keep them all to use for yourself or share them with your friends and family and maybe collect orders and make some money? There are no catches. No-one will pressure you into selling. The choice is totally yours. No One will ask you for more money or for the kit back! In fact you can place orders just for yourself for the next 12 months and earn money back on every order you place for yourself or friends or family for 12 Months I will also show you how you can earn Host rewards for yourself so you get 1/2 price and FREE Products! Or you can just come back to me to order more Scentsy once this little stash runs out! Don't miss out on this special offer! Share with your friends all over the world Starter Kit Prices:  UK £24 | USA $20 | CANADA $20 | EUROPE €29 | AUSTRALIA $34 | NEW ZEALAND $37 | MEXICO $660


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