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If You Love Scentsy you can sell Scentsy....

Some of the very best and most successful Independent Scentsy Consultants started as Scentsy Customers. They loved the products and as Scentsy kept introducing more and more new products year after year it made sense to join the company. By buying their own products they can save 20 -30% off the cost of all their Scentsy purchases. No requirements apart from one £245 order every 12 months meant they could get their Scentsy products cheaper. They didn't have to sell to anyone or do parties. They weren't required to keep stock or hit any monthly targets. Once they joined ( and if they knew a great consultant, they could get their kit for next to nothing!? ..ask me for more information)
They then discovered what a popular product Scentsy has become. The quality and choice ( and the lifetime warranty on the fragrance systems) has created such an in demand product that people all over the world love and it wasn't long after that friends and family discovered that they were consultants and started to place orders.
These orders then meant that the Consultant could combine the orders and place them in a party order so that the consultant then earned not only commission on all orders but also the hostess rewards for themselves! As many as 4 half price items and @ £100 of FREE product!
They built solid customer bases, they placed regular orders and some even posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms and they attracted friends family and customers who believed that they could do the same and their teams grew. Not only are they earning commission every month but they are also earning money by helping their teammates grow their own successful businesses.
Its not rocket science or brain surgery, it's just a little box of magic that can change your life for ever. You don't need degrees or qualifications. There are no age or gender stipulations. Just a genuine desire to want to help people to improve their lives and fulfill their dreams and goals As this develops and grows, so does your network of friends and colleagues. You meet so many amazing people who want to help you succeed and the training and support given by Scentsy are second to none ( Scentsy have won awards for their training and support given to consultants)
Scentsy is not a get rich overnight scheme, but it can be anything you want it to be... a side hustle to supplement your regular wage, a hobby or distraction for everyday life. A way to save for a family holiday or special occasion. Even a full time income , if you want to dedicate time to it every day. The choice is yours .
We are about to enter the busiest season of every Independent Scentsy Consultant's year...Christmas is coming and you could still earn 4 extra pay cheques between now and then How much could you do with that extra income?
And this opportunity is not just in the UK , You can join Scentsy in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Mexico or Holland. My job, if you joined my team, is to help and guide you, show you the ropes and help you build your own successful Scentsy business. I make things easy for you by sharing what has worked for me and so many other successful Independent Scentsy Consultants . All you have to do is be willing to follow our examples.
Scentsy know how well you can do and as an added incentive this month if you join in August and place orders of £605 in your first 15 days then you get the Shooting Star Kit totally free! (£365 worth of Scentsy Products) So far this month I have had 3 new team members join and all 3 have earned this amazing offer! That's everything you can see in the picture below!
So I will go back to my opening statement... If You love Scentsy, YOU can sell Scentsy. It doesn't make sense at all not to! Contact me today for a no obligation information pack or to get more information on a discounted starter kit or get the Full size Starter kit by clicking join now


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