If You Join Scentsy...Where do you start?

Where to Start! Jackie Iannetta·Monday, 30 April 2018 CONGRATULATIONS on deciding to become a NEW Scentsy Consultant...or at least thinking about it! ! You know the reason that motivated you into joining...so what will do you do now when you have joined? Working for yourself is difficult at the best of times. Its hard to stay focused and motivated. All too often other things crop up, whether its the family or work commitments or just good old socialising!...and that’s okay!...That’s one of the really good things about having your own business...you can take time out when you really need to! However...if too many days pass without you doing something for your business...then you will lose th

Candles or Scentsy?

There can't be a whole lot of difference between a regular candle and a wickless candle if they both smell nice...Right? That's the school of thought for many who haven't discovered Scentsy Scents, fragrances and Scentsy warmers. Click the image to see the full range of Scentsy Warmers First… What is Scentsy? Scentsy is a direct marketing company with a variety of fragrant products centred around home fragrance. The primary product is a wickless candle warmer that heats wax cubes ( Bought in a bar which has 8 cubes) to a point where they are just warm enough to melt. This releases the fragrance (and there are more than 85 scents to choose from) until you turn off the warmer. At that point,

Hosting a Scentsy Party What's the best Party for you?

Hosting a Scentsy Party can be a fun way to get Free and Half priced Scentsy Goodies, whilst having fun with your friends and Family! Aromaz can offer so many variations on the traditional Home Party that we guarantee that there will be a party that suits you! Let us help you create memories for you and your family for the future and also provide you with loads of Scentsy Products that will make your home or workplace smell amazing! Aromaz pride ourselves on ensuring that your home party is excellent! Your guests all have a fun evening and go home with lots of samples and giveaways and of course the promise of their Scentsy orders coming to them soon! In the following slides you can see

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