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New Scentsy Products Coming In November!

With so much happening this month, here’s a little advance warning of things to look out for If you do see something you fancy or need more details on any product, please contact me on Messenger

Holiday 3D scent circle collection coming Thursday 4th November

All a Glow Collection Christmas tree warmers in 3 colours: Green/Gold White/Gold Grey/Silver

Thor’s Hammer ~ Scentsy Warmer will also release in November

Bring Back My Buddies are releasing
Hamish the cow Tex the T-Rex Oakley Owl (DELAYED)
SCENTS OF THE SEASON - 15th November
Scents of the season wax bundle £30 - comes in a decorative box…
This set consists of 5 bars all packaged up in a lovely festive box New! Bayberry & Currant Scentsy Bar: A wreath of peppery bayberry and fresh juniper adorned with bright currant.
New! Fireside Chats Scentsy Bar: Shaved nutmeg and blood orange warmed by cinnamon and smouldering embers.
New! Spiced Apple Chestnut Scentsy Bar: Apple and maplewood simmer in a festive spiced rum.
Very Snowy Spruce Scentsy Bar: Breathe in fresh forest air: Balsam, spruce and cedar branches embrace the warmth of amber and woody pine cones.
Wassail Wonderland Scentsy Bar: Orange zest, lemon peel and cinnamon stick over fresh fir needles.
Also coming!
Disney & Pixar’s Up Warmer with signature fragrance called “adventure is our there”. It’s a fresh scent with notes of Green apple mandarin honeydew and coconut water
Christmas with Disney Warmer and signature fragrance called “season of magic” with notes of sweet pine wild berries, sugar crystals and icicles
This years Holiday Collectors Warmer is called “Skate the Day Away”. 4 magnetic skates physically skate around the ice rink in a figure of 8 pattern while the warmer is on and of course it comes with its matching tree ornament. WOW
Cyber Monday - 22nd November
The Beast Scentsy Buddy
LTO Counter Clean, Washing up Liquid & Handsoaps release in Winterberry Apple Tea and Very Snowy Spruce Scents and all can be bought separately
LTO Scentsy Fresh in Snowkissed Cranberry and Jewelled Pomegranate
LTO Scentsy Soak, Hand Cream and Body wash in Dancing Sugar Plums again all can be bought separately
I think that’s a wrap!!! Unless I’ve missed anything (which is possible ) because theres SO MUCH COMING who’s excited???? Buckle up guys and sit tight because November is gonna be HUGE
Who’s excited?????


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