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New Harry Potter Products

and returning Favourites

New Scentsy Collection Launches 17th July

Our Harry Potter Hogwarts warmer and waxes ,Hedwig Warmer and Buddy are returning on 17th July. products launch @7.10pm with some products expected to sell out very quickly. .

You know when you are buying Scentsy that you have peace of mind in a product that is safe, reliable and highly sought after all over the world. You also have the additional security of knowing that should your Scentsy Warmer develop a fault it is easily replaced as each Scentsy fragrance system carries a lifetime warranty!

Brand New Hedwig Mini Warmer Available as a plug in or a table top base This is the perfect gift for any budding witch or wizard as It doubles as a perfect nightlight for bedrooms. Pop a cube of Scentsy wax to help magic your little one of to a peaceful nights sleep. Jammy Time or French Lavender are fabulous scents to help anyone relax and unwind!

The gentle cast of the moon shining on the wall is all part of a magic spell being weaved. The Full size Hedwig Warmer also has the same Moon shing from his back too.

This is the complete list of Returning and New Harry Potter products from my website which will be available from 17th July @7.10pm.

They will not go on sale until @7.10pm, but you can Pre Order Now!

Some of these products will sell out very quickly

Don't wait Make sure that you get your hands on these products before they sell out. They wont go into a sale or be available at a later date. So if you are planning on getting any item asd a gift for a Birthday later this year or even a Christmas Gift ? Buy them now and hide them in a cupboard! ( preferably one no one is sleeping in! )

Pre Order

You can pre Order any of these items by filling in this form. Pre Order Form

Once I have your order I will contact you with a total price which I do need to be paid by 6pm on 17th July. ( By filling in this form I will be able to offer you a discount on the Normal Retail Prices . If you prefer you can Use Paypal 3 to spread the cost of your purchase across the next 3 months, however I cannot offer you any discount if you choose to buy using this method

Looking for new waxes? maybe see all the new products ? Check Out my Website


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