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“How you doin'?” A New Scentsy Friends Collection

OMG as Chandlers' girfriend, Janice used to say! A Friends Collection! Who can forget that hilarious sitcom that ruled our life for a decade over 20 years ago!? And those Characters, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and of course Joey are still etched in our memories! Pour yourself a cup of nostalgia and let our new Friends™ Collection take you back to days of open mics, comfy couches and so much laughter!

Friends Scentsy Collection

Our Friends: Central Perk™ – Scentsy Warmer includes the orange couch and classic series logo. Switch it on to light up the Central Perk™ sign and be sure to look for character names in the rug. You’ll be ready to give Gunther your coffee order, take a seat and get caught up on the latest news.

Keep the coffeehouse vibe going by pairing the warmer with our new Friends™ – Scentsy Bar:

Double espresso and freshly brewed coffee create the best coffeehouse mood where moments with friends are sweetened by laughter and coconut cream.

Here are the purchasing options

  • New! Friends: Central Perk™ – Scentsy Warmer, £97/€117

  • New! Friends™ – Scentsy Bar, £8/€9.50

The Friends™ Collection will be available starting at 7 p.m. BST 7 August, while supplies last. Click on any of the images to go straight to my website or contact me to see if I have any special Offers available

Scentsy Club: Always Get My Bar

Starting 7 August, the Friends™ – Scentsy Bar can be added to Scentsy Club subscriptions using the Always Get My Bar perk. Bars can be added to subscriptions within 30 days of launch or while supplies last, whichever lasts longer. See the Scentsy Club FAQ for more details. Register your interest in the Friends Collection or any of the many exciting new Products we have coming soon by filling in This Form

Coming 21st August Monsters Inc Collection


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