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Scentsy ~ Can You Earn Any Money Without DOING Parties?

Q : Can You Join Scentsy and not do Parties and make £1000 a month?

Yes it is possible, and if that's your goal I would love you to join my team! But honestly and realistically , it will take a little hustle to reach your goal. I’ve been with Scentsy over 7 years and I have not done one party in person since Covid struck. . I did many over the previous 4 years. I loved doing home Parties and I loved meeting new people, having fun with them and becoming friends with many. Unfortunately my health , in particular my legs deteriorated, during lockdown and I wouldn't be able to do parties now unless I had assistance. However I still work Scentsy online and cash and carry to a handful of locals. If you are active on social media and are adding fresh content to a blog or you tube channel or TikTok or Pinterest or Instagram then you can get a decent amount of traffic to your website or contacting you to place orders. Having a Corporate website also helps and you can get customers from far away shopping through your website. Some consultants do ‘basket parties’ which is essentially a catalogue party with scent samples and sometimes a warmer so that the host can experience Scentsy. They do them mainly through the mail to hosts across the country. You can be creative – doing online parties, vendor events, set up displays in local businesses, basket parties, and one on one cash and carry or online sales. To look at the math, you’re wanting to earn £1,000 a month. That is very doable, but if you’re considering doing it JUST with personal sales – not sponsoring other team members you’re going to have to be a bit of a selling machine. All consultants start out earning 20% commission until a lifetime cumulative retail sales of @£1,200 has been reached. Then it’s 25% and it never returns to 20%. Any calendar month you sell £2,000 or more, you earn an additional 5% sales bonus, so that entire month would be paid at 30%. So let’s say you sold £3,000 retail in one month, that would earn you 30% commission or £900. We have many consultants who do sell £3,000 + each month but they are ‘working it’. Meaning, a few social media posts and going back to the same well (your warm market of family and friends) won’t work. Instead they have built up a good customer base, provide excellent customer service and continue to look for new customers and new ways of introducing Scentsy to new people. If you find others who want to join Scentsy you can earn additional percentages which make it easier to hit that $1,000 monthly goal you have without it being all on you for personal sales.

Our Kits normally cost £85 +£6 shipping Some months we have a special offer and any month you can reach out to me for a Hostess Kit which you can get for NO Out of Pocket Costs. Give it a try and see how it goes, it’s a genuine NO RISK Opportunity. I’d love to respond with “yes, easy peasy, just join!” I do think you should just join (grin) I love being a part of Scentsy, and I feel everyone and their Mothers should join! but I want to set reasonable expectations for you. I see too many consultants talking about how fun and easy it is. While it can be fun and sales can be easier than many other product lines, You still have to work to get the results. Scentsy is a very easy product to sell and if people can smell it they will buy iy you just have to get it under peoples noses. We have a great team comprised of men and woman, some are personal users, part time sellers and some who are earning a full time income. We’d all love to help you reach whatever goals you have for yourself. I’m happy to answer any other questions or comments you have. I have to include our earnings disclaimer as my results and many in my team are not typical


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