How to Join Scentsy ... and why you should!

Have you been thinking about joining our team? If becoming a Scentsy Consultant has ever crossed your mind, or your life feels a bit too routine and you’re looking to shake things up, we compiled our top 15 reasons why joining Scentsy might be just what you need. (SPOILER ALERT: Be sure to make it all the way to No. 1, where we share how you can become a Scentsy Consultant for just £50) Check them out: 15. Pyjamas Work whenever, wherever, however, as often as you want. 14. More Beans You can earn money for all of life’s little extras. 13. Fun & Games When you choose when to work, you get to work around whatever you don’t want to miss. 12. Lemon Meringue Pie Sure, the dessert is ni

Keep your pets safe and happy in winter

Their bodies are covered in fur, so the cold doesn’t really get to them, right? While different pets have different tolerances for cold weather — your Siberian husky is going to enjoy playing in the snow much longer than a Chihuahua — every four-legged friend has its limits. But that doesn’t mean they should be locked up until spring. Dogs, especially, still need fresh air and exercise to keep their spirits up. Here are a few ideas for getting your pups to exercise this winter: When it’s cold, but not too cold, still take your dog on nice, long walks. As long as he’s eager to roam, try to stick with him! Be sure to bundle yourself up, wrap your short-haired pup in a sweater or coat an

Coming Soon...

Disney’s Stitch is coming back … with his darling boojiboo, Angel! Our Angel and Stitch Scentsy Buddies are the most loveable experiments

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