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How to Join Scentsy ... and why you should!

Have you been thinking about joining our team? If becoming a Scentsy Consultant has ever crossed your mind, or your life feels a bit too routine and you’re looking to shake things up, we compiled our top 15 reasons why joining Scentsy might be just what you need. (SPOILER ALERT: Be sure to make it all the way to No. 1, where we share how you can become a Scentsy Consultant for just £50)

Check them out:

15. Pyjamas Work whenever, wherever, however, as often as you want.

14. More Beans You can earn money for all of life’s little extras.

13. Fun & Games When you choose when to work, you get to work around whatever you don’t want to miss. 12. Lemon Meringue Pie Sure, the dessert is nice. But we think the Scentsy Bar is better. Maybe this scent isn’t quite your slice, but we all have a fragrance obsession and Scentsy is the best way to feed it. 11. Trainers (or Stilletos) Whether you prefer to keep it casual or don’t feel dressed without heels and pearls, Scentsy is a come-as-you-are kinda crowd.

10. Family Affair The kids can get involved... and do! We LOVE seeing photos of kids helping Mum ...or Dad, label Scentsy Bars or pack orders. It’s the sweetest.

9. Make A Wish Each season, we partner with a new charitable organization — right now it’s Make a Wish — to raise money and awareness for a worthy cause. 8.Confetti Showers

Scentsy Spirit is hard to explain, but our events are where it screams the loudest, shines the brightest and celebrates the hardest. You’ll see.

7, Magic You’ll benefit from a constant flow of new products, collections and partnerships with companies people love, like Disney.

6.Scent Memories Fragrance is powerful, and it makes every moment a little bit better — especially when you get to relive the memory of it down the road.

5.Plane Tickets We love traveling the world with our Consultants, and offer all-expenses-paid opportunities to take to the skies and find new adventures together.

4. Backup Dancers When you run your own Scentsy business, you’re the lead singer — but it’s not a solo gig. Your fellow Consultants and the entire home office team always have your back.

3.Hugs & High Fives Not only will you find an endless supply of support in the Scentsy community, you also get unlimited encouragement and love

2.Guts You know that feeling you get when you take the bull by the horns, even when it’s totally scary, and do something you didn’t think you could? That sense of pride you feel when you resist the urge to binge-watch Netflix and use that time to make something real happen instead? Those happy tears you get to cry when you FINALLY check off that major goal? Belief follows courage. Jump in and see what you’re made of!

1.Ticket to Ride You’re just £85 away from all the fun, friendship and fragrance you can stand, plus a million more small-but-significant reasons why Scentsy should be your next step. ... and for a limited time you can apply for a Hostess Kit for only £50

If you’re ready, reach out and let me know. Or want to learn a bit more? Go here. Still not sure? visit my Website and have a look at all the great products that would be available for you


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