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Are you looking for the Right Scentsy Sponsor?

How do you know that when you start your business you will have the

right guidance and support? Will you have a sponsor who actively promotes your learning and gives you the appropriate mentoring to ensure that your business is a success? Or will you have chosen one who just needs more team members to make up the numbers? Better still do they even live in the same Country as you? You can be sponsored by people living in USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia as well as several European countries like Spain, Germany and Poland!

Apart from deciding to start your Scentsy business, the next most important step is choosing the correct sponsor!

Do you need someone who lives local and you can pop in and have a coffee every now and again or are you self motivating and independent, but just need basic guidance to ensure you are doing it all okay?

Do you want to work with someone you already know? Or would you prefer a complete stranger?

Is it better to join Scentsy under a Director or higher with maybe hundreds or thousands of consultants in her team or a Certified, lead or star Consultant whose team is just starting to grow?

Does the person that you are going to join under have the same aspirations as yourself?

Many consultants join Scentsy to get cheap products for themselves and their families and friends. Other join to supplement their weekly income

And others do this as a full time career!

You want a sponsor who will be able to motivate you, encourage and support you and above all understand what YOU want from the business. Your sponsor should be able to recognize your strengths and your weaknesses and be able to help you overcome any obstacles, imaginary or real.

You cannot change your sponsor once you have joined , so its really really important that you choose the correct sponsor for you.

How about me as your sponsor?

My business Aromaz is growing steadily. I have achieved success, recognition and a profitable business.

I am a Star consultant with a growing team and I do this full time! I will be a Director in the near future and my team will be made up of many people from many different walks of life, who all started Scentsy for their own reasons. But each and everyone of them will have had the same support and mentoring and encouragement from me.

Our Team, "Faith Trust and Scentsy Dust " has its own Facebook Group, where team members support and learn from each other. This group page has training files, Information and graphics for you to use. It is an amazing team to be part of, slightly competitive, but extremely protective and supportive of each other. Each team member is very knowledgeable and they are all keen to share their vast wealth of experience with you.

You will also have access to online training through the company Training Center, which is available on your personal workstation which is provided when you join.

I am contactable by telephone, email, instant messaging, Skype, Face time and at times will travel to meet up with team members and their down lines. I will check in with you at least once a week, just to see how you are getting on, but you can contact me at any time.

I have done many home parties, Facebook parties, and basket parties. I have worked numerous vendor events and have a strong online business which is constantly growing. In a past life I was a primary school teacher and my background in teaching has been invaluable for helping others in my team achieve and grow. I want to help others have the same success as I have had with Scentsy.

I am a more mature lady and have no young children who will need my attention, however I do have a background in sales and experience in life, which I am always happy to share. I am adept with a computer, social media and marketing and again can pass on many tips and hints to ensure your business is successful. My team is not so large yet that i cannot give you as much attention as you need.

I will train you how to run your business and be profitable. I will not molly coddle you or sugar coat things to be "sweet". This is a business and if you want to grow your business, I can't do that for you...but I can help You do it!

If you already know that you need to have local team meetings or gatherings, give me a call, I can help set you up with someone in your area, cos I am not going to be good fit for you unless you live in Central Scotland!

In fact, if you are thinking about joining I invite you to Interview me!

I would welcome the opportunity to speak to you personally before you commit to joining. Please leave a comment below or contact me through my business page on Facebook at

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