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Do You Really Need A Scentsy Diffuser?

Scentsy Diffusers....what's so Special about them?

I hear what you are saying! The price is way beyond what you wanted to pay...they can't be that good!..Can they? Why should you get one? How can they possibly be worth £158.00!

I said exactly the same things...before I got one!

I love my warmer and the wax melts, I have my very favourite scents in 3 of my rooms, and I thought.... my customers all love theirs too...there is no way that anyone is going to buy one of these!

Then I got one...the Reflect to be exact ...and I take back every negative or disparaging comment I have ever ever made about them!

Scentsy Reflect Diffuser

Isn't she Beautiful? Notice how I have determined it to be a she! She is just too beautiful to be a male!

And then when I put the oil in and experienced for myself the instantaneous fragrance ....I was hooked!

This is home fragrance at the highest level...Pure Luxury!

I then decided I wanted to learn all the ins and outs about diffusers and I would like to pass on to you, the top 8 reasons that are proven facts of why you should have a diffuser in your home or work space.

1. They are Gorgeous

I always have one on display when I do a home Party, and customers always comment on the sheer beauty of any diffuser I have with me. "Mesmerizing", "Stunning," "Captivating," "Absolute Magical" "Sheer Elegance" and "Luxurious"are some of the descriptive terms that have been used and that is before I turn the lights on! These descriptions and the "oohs" and "wows" come when they see the sheer elegance of a beautifully handcrafted sculptured piece, that has a delicate wisp of vapour emanating from the top of it

2. Safe Natural Home Fragrance

The Scentsy Diffuser is the most advanced diffuser on the market. It is an Ultrasonic Nebulising Diffuser. What this means is that it has a small ceramic disk in the water reservoir, which vibrates at high frequencies to break the water and oil down so that it can be dispersed into the air as fine microscopic particles.

Being able to control the fragrance and the strength ( no of drops of oil) in the home is an important consideration for many customers. Complete peace of mind, knowing that by using Natural and / or Essential oils, there are no toxins, is also high on the agenda.

You use plain old Tap Water (cold), fill up the reservoir to the fill line and I would suggest you start with 4 - 5 drops of your preferred oil, then add more or less to suit your taste... and the size of your room

Scentsy Repose Diffuser

The mist that emanates is cold as there are no heating elements in any of the Scentsy Diffusers,( cold mist technology). 1 reservoir of water will last on high for about 4 hours, while on medium it will operate for about 8 hours...and when the reservoir is empty it will simply shut itself off! No fear of it running dry or overheating!

3. Value

Scentsy diffusers all have a warranty against defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product! This means that your first diffuser purchase can literally be your last if you so desire. You can relax knowing that the investment that you have made in a world class product will stand the test of time.

Should you ever have an issue with your Scentsy diffuser; for example it is found to be defective or damaged under normal use and care- your diffuser will be replaced with the same, or comparable, product (at Scentsy’s discretion).

Scentsy’s lifetime diffuser warranty is undoubtedly the most generous warranty on the market. In fact Scentsy Home Office encourage you to research and compare!

It is also important to point out that you can use any natural or essential oils you like, in your Scentsy Diffuser and still keep the warranty! Though Scentsy Oils have been specifically formulated for the optimal fragrance experience, using other companies’ oils will not harm the Scentsy Diffuser or void the warranty.

Scentsy Aspire Diffuser

4. Air Purifier

That beautiful cold mist that is coming from your Scentsy Diffuser isn't just creating sensational fragrance!

When those microscopic particles of water and oil disperse into the air via that mist they also do something else. Those minute particles attach themselves to any dust molecules, pollen and even airborne bacteria and pull them down to the ground where we are less likely to breathe them in.

Who wouldn’t want to combine home fragrance with the ability to purify and essentially cleanse the air we inhale? . It makes perfect scents!

5. Ionisation

Just when you thought it couldn't get any does!

That mist with all those little particles in it is actully creating Negative Ions! That doesn't sound good does it? But it is!

Negative ions in the atmosphere create positive feelings in you!

You get lots of negative ions in the atmosphere if you are at the beach on a blowy, windy day, or beside a waterfall or even in the shower! Ever noticed how revitalised and less stressed you are? Thats those negative ions at work and there is a whole science out there about this that you can research and explore.

Scentsy Enchant Diffuser

6. Unique Scent Experience:

Because the Scentsy diffusers all use cold-mist technology, the fragrance you get will be consistent from the time it starts until the reservoir empties. Secondly, the diffuser offers high, low and intermittent diffuser modes, giving you more control over the intensity and longevity of your fragrance experience. Finally, you can create unique fragrances combining oils. This is one of my favourite experiences using the Scentsy Diffuser. Which oils, and how much of them will I use today? Create your very own favourite fragrance experience. Customise your mixtures using any oils you like to create something that is totally you!

7. Customisable light experience

Each Scentsy Diffuser offers 16 different light modes This lets you change your lighting to complement your décor or mood. The diffuser can rotate through different colours or can remain static on one particular colour that matches your decor or your mood. You can set the light to high, low intensity or even a candle flicker!

The light and the mist work independently from each other which makes your Scentsy Diffuser a perfect night light. Even when the diffuser uses all the water and automatically shuts off, the reassuring light remains.

It is now possible to purchase individual shades for your diffuser which means if you did ever get fed up looking at it you don't have to forl out all that money again for a new diffuser, just buy a new shade and start your magical experience all over again

So in a nutshell, the Scentsy Diffuser uses the world’s most advanced ultrasonic nebuliser to disperse fragrance, offers a lifetime warranty, looks amazing AND features 16 LED light options. The most features, the most advanced technology and the most attractive diffusers on the market.

I would say the opposition should have a lot to be worried about!

Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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