Valentine's Day Great Gifts for every Scentsy Lover

The Valentine’s Day Collection is almost here! This lovestruck collection launches 18 January, available while supplies last

What: The Valentine’s Day Collection.

When: Starting between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. GMT Monday, 18 January and 1 February*, available while supplies last. You can pre order from me by calling me on 0797 276 4886 or shop Direct at on 18th January @ 7pm

Cost: See prices for the full collection below!


Releasing 18 January:

Best Pals Scentsy Bar Twin Pack £13.50 Best Berry ~ Strawberry and raspberry, rendevous over silky sweet spun sugar Petal Pals ~ Playful notes of pink rose and peony share a whipped marshmallow treat.

Glitter Magenta Mini Warmer If bling is your thing, this glittery little number will not disappoint. Comes with your choice of base: ~ Wall Plug £24 ~ Tabletop base £36

Love Connection Mini Warmer This ceramic mini speaks the language of love with gold, embossed hearts and a warm vibe. Comes with your choice of base ~ Wall Plug £24 ~ Tabletop base £36

Love Connection Warmer £42 This ceramic warmer speaks the language of love with gold, embossed hearts and a warm vibe.

Valentine's Day Oil 3-Pack £22 Luv Ya ~ Charming nashi pear and pink sugar crystals sparkle with an irresistible touch of lemon fizz. I'm Yours ~ Intoxicating notes of grapefruit, apricot blossom and coconut milk will sweep you off your feet. Hug Me ~ Wrap yourself in a romantic bouquet of jasmine petals and violet over salted tonka bean.

Wall Fan Diffuser — Blush Spin £36 Put a fragrant spin on any space! And be sure to add Best Berry Scentsy Pods to complete the cute, cotton candy vibe!

Best Berry Scentsy Pod Twin Pack £12 Two berry good Scentsy Pods — perfect for sharing with a friend or Valentine!

Releasing 1 February:

Best Berry* Scentsy Soak £14.50 Pink Himalayan and Epson salts enhanced with premium moisturizers. Scented with Best Berry.

Best Berry Scentsy Sugar Scrub £14.50 ~ An exfoliating, skin softening scrub scented with Best Berry.

Best Friends Buddy Clips + Best Berry Fragrance £30 These two cute koalas complete each other — and make a heart-felt gift!

Both *Best Berry* and *Petal Pals* Scentsy Bars can be added to Scentsy Club subscriptions through the Always Get My Bar perk while supplies last, or for 30 days after its release – whichever is longer. *Best Berry *and *Petal Pals *Scentsy Bars are not available for individual purchase, they can only be found in the Best Pals Bundle. This bundle is not included in the 10% off wax sale, nor can it be added to Bundle & Saves.

Everything is selling out Super Fast so if you really fancy something from this collection contact me today

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