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Scentsy Are Having A Flash Sale! Some tips on how to Survive!

Some Tips to get you through a Flash case you are thinking of ordering! It may not be this Flash Sale which is Monday 10th July at 6.00 pm, but it could be one in the future...these tips will work just as well!

Scentsy Flash Sale UK

To shop in this Flash Sale on 10th July at 6 pm please join this link

Then follow the very tongue -in-cheek instructions below.....


Step 1. Make a list of things you need, want or love so you have a game plan of what to grab when the sale goes live.

Step 2. Plan your sale hour. Put Peppa Pig on repeat, go to the toilet, make your coffee (with a dash of something stronger), clear sufficient funds on your credit card. You may also need a brown paper bag handy for panic attacks!

Step 3. Go to at 6pm or just before....that is when the sale will go live!

Step 4. Drink said coffee & prepare for web traffic! Try to stay calm. Do not punch the computer screen or abuse your friendly Scentsy consultant! This sale will be very busy.

Technical glitches can occur. It will make us cry if we miss out on half price washer whiffs but there is truly no such thing as a wax emergency!


Scentsy Flash Sale

Step 5. Select your items and add them to your cart. Browse additional sale items. Add them to your cart because, well because it's cheap Scentsy.

Step 6. Before you check out, make sure your order is attached to "July Orders" under open parties (chat to me before hand if you want your own party set up or if your wish list is over £245)

Step 7. Enter shipping details and payment details.

Step 8. Process order as soon as possible before it sells out! Just because it's in your basket is no guarantee! Not until you get a confirmation email is it final!

Step 9. Celebrate your fantastic purchase and re-jig the kids Christmas budget to allow for said purchase.

Step 10. Stalk the Postie in approx 5-10 business days.

Congratulations! You have just navigated your first Scentsy Flash Sale!

If you would like more tips on getting the best from Scentsy join my VIP Customer group at





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