Coloring In Reduces Stress

We all remember coloring in as children! When it was raining and we couldn't get thrown outside to play, out would come the coloring books and pencils or crayons. And it could keep us occupied for hours! I remember trying to not go over the lines and was always proud as punch if Mum thought it was good enough to hang on the fridge We were quiet and content. Mum got time to cook the tea or make some beds or do some washing. Sometimes just quiet time! We as children were taking the first steps in learning how to relax our minds and our bodies. Coloring in is extremely therapeutic and helps us to become calmer and less stressful. Sadly as we grow, we lose the childish pastimes to make way for

Are you looking for the Right Scentsy Sponsor?

How do you know that when you start your business you will have the right guidance and support? Will you have a sponsor who actively promotes your learning and gives you the appropriate mentoring to ensure that your business is a success? Or will you have chosen one who just needs more team members to make up the numbers? Better still do they even live in the same Country as you? You can be sponsored by people living in USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia as well as several European countries like Spain, Germany and Poland! Apart from deciding to start your Scentsy business, the next most important step is choosing the correct sponsor! Do you need someone who lives local and you c

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