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Coloring In Reduces Stress

We all remember coloring in as children!

When it was raining and we couldn't get thrown outside to play, out would come the coloring books and pencils or crayons. And it could keep us occupied for hours! I remember trying to not go over the lines and was always proud as punch if Mum thought it was good enough to hang on the fridge

We were quiet and content. Mum got time to cook the tea or make some beds or do some washing. Sometimes just quiet time!

We as children were taking the first steps in learning how to relax our minds and our bodies.

Coloring in is extremely therapeutic and helps us to become calmer and less stressful.

Sadly as we grow, we lose the childish pastimes to make way for more adult activities and it is only when you have children of your own and are helping them color in that you remember the calming effect that coloring in has.

This is because as you concentrate on the selection, the lines to keep within and the colors to use, you are focusing using the part of the brain that deals with stress and anxiety

So when an adult colors, she/he is transported back to the stress free days of childhood. Getting back those happy memories helps one relax and even feel optimistic and energetic for the future.

Another important benefit of coloring in for adults is that it helps ignite creativity which adults continue to experience in several other facets of their daily lives. Adults who color regularly find that they become great at picking colors for their clothes, their interiors etc. Coloring books and pages also help people become more creative in their jobs, analytical thinking activities and several other aspects of work and play.

Coloring materials for adults are becoming highly popular, and Scentsy recognized the importance and value in creating "REIMAGINE".

This Unique Warmer allows you to fully enjoy all the benefits of using Scentsy, but also allows the creative juices to flow!

Color in your very own warmer. Personalize it to make it truly unique.Use colors that fit with your decor! If you don't like it...rub it out and start again!

(Use Sharpie Pens - not included) Price £39.00

Do you love the sound of creating and colouring your own personal Scentsy warmer? Why not host a Scentsy colouring DIY Party. Great for adults and children. Something different and unique.

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