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Fun Halloween Decor that's Cheap, Cheerful and Fun!

Whether you celebrate Halloween by going door-to-door for sweets and candy, dressing up for a costume party or binge-watching horror flicks, it’s no wonder Halloween is becoming so popular in the UK.

And while there are loads of ways to celebrate Oct. 31, you’ll want to make sure your house is Halloween-ready for any ghouls or goblins that might pop by.

Sure, you could hit the stores for pre-made decorations, but the real fun comes when you get down and dirty ...and make your own! Not only will you have the fun creating these you will also have the pride and satisfaction when your neighbours tell you how good they look!

Hallowen Scentsy Witch & Vlad the Bat

Ghostly Lanterns

Start saving those gallon milk jugs now! Wash and dry thoroughly, then draw spooky ghost faces in black permanent marker. Fill with white holiday lights or LED tea lights to decorate your porch or porch in a ghostly glow.

Floating Witch Hats

Round up a coven of inexpensive black witch hats, lightweight LED light sticks and some fishing line. With a sewing needle and about 2 to 3 feet of fishing line, string a light stick inside each witch hat, piercing the line through the tip of the hat. Tie a loop around the exposed end of the fishing line and hang it from your front porch awning with a Command Hook. Repeat for each hat.


All you need are a dozen black balloons and a roll of black crepe paper streamers to create six eerie arachnids. Blow up six balloons to full size; blow up the remainder slightly smaller. Tie a smaller balloon to each of the larger ones. Cut eight strips of streamers (about 2 feet each) per spider to create the legs and tape them to each spider body. Drape and tape the legs and bodies of each spider across your front windows, garage door or porch posts.

Creepy Eyes

Mark your eye shapes (you can do more elaborate eyes and /or spooky faces). on your Toilet Rolls ( Start Saving your empty Loo Rolls now)...Then, use a sharp knife to CAREFULLY cut out the shapes. I did this part, I didn’t want to have to take anyone to the Emergency Room!

Next, snap and activate the glow sticks, folding them in half for the smaller tubes and place them inside. I used 3 (unfolded) glow sticks for the large tube and taped them on in the inside to hold them in place. Now, you can put them anywhere you’d like. They look really great hidden in plants, bushes or shrubs. We really liked how the different coloured “glows” looked like different “creatures. We plan to make many more and put them all over our front yard on Halloween night. Happy Halloween! Hauntingly Amazing Fragrance

Don’t forget to treat the inside of your home with ghoulish delights from Scentsy’s Autumn Collection, by warming one of our welcoming fragrances in your Halloween Warmer....Autumn Hearth, Johnny Appleseed or for those who want a sweet scent , Candy Crave, all create that perfect Halloween ambience...and of course the Halloween warmers compliment any Halloween decor perfectly. Haunted House, Metallic Skull or Dearly Departed

Happy Halloween!

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