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How do you Join Scentsy?

That's is not as silly a question as it sounds. In fact it can be quite scary taking the first steps to join any MLM company. How will you know if you are doing the right things? Are you making the best decision on who you sign up with? What is actually involved in the joining process and what do you need to think about before you Join?

No matter where you are in the world, the process is exactly the same and these are points anyone thinking about joining Scentsy should consider

I want to join Scentsy in

Firstly, you can only Join ONLINE under another consultant and it only takes about 5 minutes to complete the registration and then you will be a Scentsy Consultant. But that’s not all that’s involved.

1: Who to choose as a sponsor

Because you have to join under another consultant your choice here is Paramount!

Once you join Scentsy, you can't change Sponsors! What are you going to need from your sponsor as you grow your business?

Are you just joining under the girl or guy down the road, because he / she is the only person you know who sells it? Does your cousin or Aunt sell Scentsy or another family member or a friend of a friend and you think you need to join under them because, you know them? Because you are doing them a favour and helping them to build their team?

That's all very good but here are some things you should definitely consider before signing up under them

What do you want from your business?

Is it just a little part time hobby or you want some Scentsy for your self at a cheaper price?Thay's okay! Scentsy have very few requirements on how you run your business. If you don't want to do[one is going to make you do them! You just have to enter 1 order of £200 EVERY 3rd Month to stay active, and most consultants can do that easily! If that's the case then signing up under someone else who does that could be a good fit. They are not going to be that bothered if you don't grow that much, they are not going to have to train, support and mentor you.

Know your Why

What you want from your business is a major deciding factor on who you choose as your sponsor!

Do you want to be as successful as the person you have joined under? Maybe even Bigger and Better than them? You have aspirations of being a Director or a Star Director and having a huge team under you. These aspirations are possible for every single person who joins Scentsy, but to get there you will need to know how to get there and that's where having a really good strong Sponsor will be key. That sponsor will have the knowledge and the desire to help you achieve all that you want.

We all join Scentsy for different reasons, Our stories are all different. One element however is the same for all of us...We love Scentsy... but you need to know and understand your why. Why are you joining? Being honest with yourself and your sponsor is the first step to your success.

2. So "Interview" the possible consultants available to you by doing a search on Google for Scentsy Consultants.

Are you going to sign up under someone who works full time in another job, has 3 or 4 children to look after and a really hectic social life who only sells Scentsy part time? Is that person going to be available for you or will they be too busy doing other things?

Will your sponsor have the knowledge and be able to share that with you?

Do they live in the same country as you, never mind locally. Consultants all over the world can sponsor people in other countries. Is it important to you that you have someone local that you can meet up with and talk things over or be able to pop round for a cuppa if things get too hectic? Would that Star Director in Mexico, know and understand the customers in the UK?

The best person to join under, the person who will be your sponsor, is someone who you connect with, who has the best fit for you, your personality, style, skill set and someone who you feel will take the time to mentor and support you.

3. Get On THEIR Scentsy Website

This one may seem simple but, you can’t possibly imagine how many people have have accidentally joined under other consultants. There are a couple of check points along the way like this, our “Confirm Sponsor” section of our Join Page:

Confirm your Scentsy Sponsor

Join Scentsy with A UK Consultant
Scentsy Website
4. Read!

Independent Consultant Agreement and Terms Well, this is THE section you need to read to make sure you want to Join. What your responsibilities are. What Scentsy will do for you. You are becoming a business owner so you might want to make sure you take a little time to read the Independent Consultant Agreement and Terms documents that you need to check off – stating that you read and agree to. It’s just a good idea to know what exactly you are getting into but also, call your future sponsor and ask them your questions. Make sure they can help you navigate through all the legal stuff!.

4. Fill out all your Info

It only takes about 5 minutes to fill in your information. A very important thing to know is that you will be asked to give a “Personal Website”. PLEASE Make sure you select YES, you DO want a FREE 3 Month Website trial. It’s only £10/€10/$10 a month after this period, and is totally optional. However I would recommend this as you will occasionally have orders placed on your website from random customers who have "found" you! You want to give your business the best shot possible to be successful and you will want to tell friends on Facebook to check out your website right? And, no one can join your team if you don’t have a website. Pick an EASY URL to remember. For example ours is “Aromaz” because I wanted something that was associated with scents and smells. Our website is make sure to pick something that does NOT say “Scentsy” or any derivative of Scentsy, because,,, scentsy.can, depending on where you are and who you join up under will be added to your name Have fun with it, but try to keep it simple, catchy and easy to funny spellings because then people can't find you!

6. Pay with a Card

You can pay for your Starter Kit with a Credit Card, Debit Card or even a prepaid Visa/ long as it is in your name The cost is different for each country but in the UK its £85, Europe and Ireland €99, USA it’s $99.00 to Join plus £9/€10/$10 Shipping and Tax for the Country you live in.


If your Payment went through and all of your information was successfully entered then you should see a New Screen saying that you are now a Consultant along with showing you the total you were charged along with your Consultant ID #. You will also receive an email from Scentsy, Inc. with your login information, the name of your Sponsor and within 24-48hrs you will get a welcome email from our Corporate office and a welcome pack from your sponsor. You can go and explore your workstation right away. Become familiar with the products that you are going to be sharing with everyone you can think of, Have a look at the training section. What's in the News Tab? There is loads of interesting and informative material on there so go and have fun!

8. Call Your Sponsor

You picked your Sponsor right? Don’t wait for them to call or email you. Call them. Say “Hi, I’m Amy and I just joined your team. I just wanted to introduce myself and ask you a few questions so I can get started.”

You are now an Entrepreneur. A Business Owner. Whether you joined on a very part-time basis for fun or to build a full time income, you need to start thinking like one.


You are Now a Scentsy Consultant! Hopefully…on our team!

If you haven’t joined yet, BECOME A CONSULTANT NOW!

Aromaz by Jackie Iannetta


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