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Market Your Scentsy (or any other MLM ) Business on Facebook

Which pages should you have?

Should you have a business page or a group? Should you advertise on your personal timeline so your friends can see you sell Scentsy? What should you post on your business page?? This totally confounded me when I first started so I thought it may be something that you need clarified as here goes!......

Each page/group has a totally different objective so lets break it down

Personal Timeline......This page is the Voice of YOU!

Don't post business ads cos Facebook could put you in jail! Being in Facebook jail means that you can't post anything, reply to comments and sometimes your pages are closed down...either for a set time or indefinitely!

They frown about obtuse advertising on your personal page. Instead any references to your business, should be achievements, awards, special moments in your life as a Scentsy Consultant, trips or holidays you have won, behind the scenes...making samples, your kids playing with a buddy, the opportunities open to you as a stay at home mum, or how relaxed you are when your pets get too inquisitive.

When a potential new customer finds you, whether by searching or a referral or word of mouth, they are going to examine your pages. They will have a nosy on your timeline to see what kind of person you they like you? Do you have any of the same interests which will strike a chord with them? Will they trust and like you enough to buy anything from you?

Business Page ......This Page is the Voice of YOUR BUSINESS!

This page is searchable! It is also shareable! Make sure that your posts follow the 80 - 20 Rule 80% should bring entertainment and value to any potential customers. What do your customers like? Find information, videos, photos, recipes, quotes or posts that your customers will find entertainment or value in.

Share articles, posts and videos that you have found entertaining or valuable. Do you have friends in business and you use their services? How about 1 day a month you let them publish a post on your page which of course has to be reciprocated! This will expand your reach and helps you attract those future customers. Another majorly important reason to have a business page is that you can use the Insights Tab (top of your business page) Use the insights to study your posts and see which ones are the most popular and also when YOUR Customers are online! Use the information here to see the best time to post (best chance for customers to see, like, comment and share)

I would say that you should definitely have a business page as your ULTIMATE GOAL is to get shares so that you expand your reach and get more customers! Make sure that your personal timeline is linked to your business page in the about section. You want it to be easy for people to find you!

Think of your business page like a modern Day Yellow Pages!


When you have a new contact, ask them if they would like to join your VIP Customer group, advertise your group on local pages and groups for Lovers of Scentsy....someone may be looking for a new consultant. Set your group up so that you have to approve any requests to join. That way even although your members can add their friends and family you can add them as a friend then message them personally to see if they are happy to be added. If they don't message you back or add you as a friend...DON'T add them to the group! You want members who will interact and comment on your posts, who are happy to share their reviews on new scents they have just tried, It is far better to have 100 customers who will advocate for you than 500 who just lurk in the background, and never comment or interact with you.

On this need to be showing off your products, give tips and hints about getting the best use of their products, new releases and make them feel special! Have a Star Customer or use your cover photo to have a SPECIAL Birthday mention! Again as you get to know your customers you will know what their likes and dislikes are and post accordingly. Ask Questions, share things that are gong on in your life and business. This page is where you can post a message saying that you have a special offer or you are away to send in an order. The beauty of running your group like this is that you know where all your customers are and you are building relationships with each and every one.

I hope you have found some value from this article. I would love it if you could leave a comment or share any great marketing tips you have xx


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