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Financial assistance to Start MLM

Do You get benefits like Jobseekers Allowance? Employment and Supplement Allowance ? Or Income Support? Or perhaps your partner does and claims for you?

You may also be eligible if you get Universal Credit!

In April of this year the Government started the Enterprise Allowance scheme to help people on these benefits start their own businesses!

And so long as you can come up with a credible Business Plan then the government will provide you with financial support to help you set up and establish your business.

This financial incentive is fantastic for those people who are determined to succeed at building a business and turning their lives around. The financial support allows you to concentrate on your business, build your audience and market, procure the necessary advertising materials and be able to spend more time doing the things you are passionate about.

Help you can get

You could:

  • get a business mentor to help you develop your business idea and start trading

  • get a weekly allowance paid for up to 26 weeks (up to a total of £1,274)

  • apply for a loan to help with start-up costs

The loan has to be paid back, the allowance doesn’t.

Any money you get doesn’t affect your Housing Benefit, tax credits, Income Tax, Universal Credit or Access to Work grant.

How it works

A specialist will assess your business idea. If it has potential you’ll be signed up to the scheme and get a business mentor.

You’ll be able to claim financial support if:

  • your business plan is approved

  • you start working at your business for 16 hours or more per week

Additional information

The Jobcentre Plus work coach will explain:

  • how New Enterprise Allowance works

  • who will assess the business idea

  • who provides the practical support

  • what Jobcentre Plus expects from you

  • how much the allowance will be and how it will be paid

  • about the loan

  • what will happen when the allowance ends

This is applicable to MLM or Direct sales and no matter the company you wish to start your business with , whether it is Younique or Pampered Chef, Forever or Scentsy all you need to do is have a business plan and apply to your local Jobseekers Office.

If your passion is Scentsy, then here at Aromaz, we can help you plan and create your business plan that you can present to your job seekers office.

Once your plan has been approved we then mentor and train you to ensure that your business is efficient and economically sound, so that once your funding is finished, you can stand very firmly on your own 2 feet.

What are you waiting for??? Contact me today for more information.

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