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9 Scents to Relax With.

With Scentsy becoming more and more popular, I thought it was important to tell you about some of the benefits of using Scentsy. The biggest benefit is your mood!. You've been at work all day and when you come home you want to relax...or the kids are finally in bed, you have peace and quiet and you want to unwind and relax. Did you know the wax that is melting in your warmer can help you relax?

Imagine...coming home and instantly feel relaxed as the scent in your warmer envelopes you.

But which wax do you need for this amazing benefit?

Here are the very best scents to help you relax and the Scentsy wax bar that I can recommend to you to get that wonderful aroma in your home.

Top of the list and seems to have always been, is Lavender. History has shown Lavender has been used as an antiseptic as well as for mental health ailments.

Lavender has been known to ease anxiety,

curb depression and helps treat insomnia.


It is a great scent to help anyone under


Your recommended Scentsy scent is

The second most popular relaxing scent is Chamomile. This has been used to great effect for decades in in teas. I find White Tea & Cactus is a great compliment to this calming scent. Unfortunately at present it has been discontinued and is not in the current catalogue. You can still get it however in the Scent Pak form, which is great for small spaces or in a buddy.

Third is Bergamot. Another excellent scent, native in Italy. Its a fruit and is used in many perfumes. Its uplifting and refreshing citrus scent is similar to oranges or lemons. Try Shaka for this amazing affect.

Number four on this list is Sandalwood. Sandalwood was used in ancient times and even today to calm rage, anger, and anxiety. Your recommended Scentsy scents for this are Bonfire Beach and Satin Sheets.

A very common scent for relaxation and calming is Vanilla. This is a calming and comforting scent that stimulates the nervous system. Often associated with fond memories associated with baking. There are many scents with Vanilla infused into the bars. Most popular of these is Vanilla Bean Buttercream.

Another floral scent that seems to immediately relax is Jasmine. Its known as a more seductive scent. and for this very reason is found in many perfumes, body sprays and bath oils, lotions, you name it. For this scent I recommend Scentsy’s Luna or Mystic Magnolia.

Number seven of the most relaxing scents is Mandarin. This fragrance comes from an orange like fruit. It is considered a favourite among children, and is especially favoured around Christmas . It is known to calm excitement. For adults it really helps with nervousness. The Scentsy scent Mandarin Moon is an excellent scent to help you chill and unwind.

Most would agree that the next scent in this list, No 8, is calming and relaxing... Rose. Who doesn’t love picking up a beautiful rose and inhaling its fragrance with a deep sniff. I know I do. Known as the scent of Love, its been told that Rose is the most valuable scent ever created. Scentsy’s own Blond Wood and Moon flower is a modern magical fragrance. Fantastic for Rose lovers.

The last scent of the most relaxing scent list is Ylang-Ylang. Used in the Philippines to alleviate Fear, Jealousy and Anger, sniffing this fragrant flower has been proven to relieve high blood pressure in many. The scent Zen Gardens is the closest in my opinion, unfortunately another scent that is not in the current catalogue! But that is not to say it wont reappear in the new catalogue due out 1st March.

So there you have my top 9 fragrances for relaxation.If you suffer with anxiety or feeling a bit down or just need to relax and unwind, I know, if you try some of these lovely smells you will certainly smell a difference, and feel a difference as well

Check out my website at for lots of information about Scentsy and you can also view all of our current scents and great products we have to offer.

If you would like to join my FaceBook Customer group. find it at

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or an aroma-therapist. This article is not medical advice

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