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It's not about who you know.....

Its more about who the people you come into contact with know! Being a successful Scentsy Consultant is simply being out there and meeting people...sharing your love of Scentsy products with passion and commitment and knowledge and igniting that same passion in others! Who in turn introduce you and your products to others...and so your business grows! This is an amazing company to be a part of...and if you have ever thought about it ...then stop thinking and join! I've been a Scentsy Consultant in the UK now for 3 years , so if you have any questions about the business then just ask!

Scentsy Buddie Clips ~ Aromaz UK

I joined because I was a smoker and a dog owner and spent a fortune every month trying to make sure that my home smelled clean and fresh. When I heard about Scentsy I just had to try it, though I did have my reservations!. Within an hour of trying it I knew that Scentsy was for me. The fragrances are strong, long lasting and much cheaper than other brands too once you have gotten over the expense of buying a warmer. They are very cheap to run, with average usage using less than 50p worth of electricity per month, so cheaper than using tea-lights.

Scentsy Dream Sparkle Warmer ~Aromaz UK

The safety aspect was what primarily drew me in, I like the fact that I can turn the warmer on and leave it on all day without having to think about changing tea-lights, or blowing it out when I leave the home. The wax once melted only gets to just above body temperature too, so if you have any little ones they can even dip their fingers in the melted wax and it won't burn them (though it does make a mess if you knock it on the carpet - Scentsy wax is good, but it's not that good lol). As far as the number of consultants go, there are are around 10000 in the UK and Europe at the moment - now that sounds like a lot but it really isn't when you consider a company like Avon who has tens of thousands in the UK. Many of these consultants only sell to immediate family and friends One of the best things about Scentsy over other direct selling companies is that once someone has bought a warmer, they are always going to need wax for it. A lot of my business now comes from repeat orders from customers so I don't have to go 'looking' to find someone to sell to! In the 3 years I've been doing it not only have earned great commission and loads of free products, but I've also earned amazing incentive rewards like a personal tablet, Special Consultant only warmers, free product and I have just returned from an all expenses paid trip to Cancun Mexico! In April I have earned another trip to Switzerland...again all expenses paid!

Our Team in Cancun Mexico Scentsy Incentive 2019

Realistically though you get out of it what you put in and you won't become a millionaire overnight - but this is one business that you can earn a life changing salary from without needing a college or university education! I'm a granny and regularly look after my 3 Grandchildren but I still find time to work my business when I can and it's great that it fits in around me and my family life and any other commitments I have The starter kit is £94 delivered, and the only criteria to remain an active consultant is to sell at least £245 worth of product once every 4 months (parties generally take double this amount) - so one party once every 4 months and you'll remain active, this is really achievable! Worst case scenario and you don't carry on with it, your consultancy is just deactivated but you get to keep all of your starter kit....and you can come back at no further cost to you when the time is right! Just click the image for more information

Scentsy Starter Kit

With the growth of popularity of Scentsy in the UK and Europe this is a great time to join! Most of the hard work has already been done spreading the word about how good Scentsy is! And a lot of new Scentsy Products will be introduced to these markets in the near future....and I'm pretty sure that Scentsy will also be opening their doors in other countries around the world soon to! The future's smelling of Scentsy! Again, if you have any questions just give me a shout!

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