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How to Join Scentsy...Is Selling Scentsy Worth It?

If your reading this then you have been thinking about it and are still considering it! It takes about 3 mins to Join Scentsy! you just click this link if you live in the Uk or this link if you live in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico or Australia and select your country in the little flag in the top right hand side of the header. Whichever one you click you will see the available Starter Kits and then just fill in your details, pick your Kit and then pay using a Debit or Credit card. Thats it! very easy and no matter why you want to join Scentsy this could be one of the best decisions you ever make .

Choose which Starter kit you want
Join Scentsy UK Starter Kit

We all have our own reasons for joining, for some its extra money for something like a wedding or a family holiday, others need the extra cash every month to help pay for the kids classes and hobbies, Some just want to be a part of something and do something for themselves and a lot need the extra money every month just to pay the household bills! And while some do really well, others do struggle. Its something that requires consistent work from you, no matter how you decide to run your business. Its not a get rich scheme. You need to learn the ropes, put in the hours (which suit you and your family) and look for your opportunities but you make so many friends, earn commission and free and half price items every order you place and can have so much fun for so little risk,that in my humble opinion it is so worth taking that leap of faith.

My job is to help you be successful. I help train you, point you in the right direction and answer all your questions, so right after you sign up... or before if you like , Pm me or give me a call and let me give you all the support and help you will need.

All I ask is that you be honest and tell me why you want to start....not to be nosy, but to give you the right support and guidance. As I said people start for many different reasons, one of those is just to be a kitnapper and get the kit for a fraction of what it will cost normally. They have no intentions of ever selling it and that's OKAY! I dont want to spend my time teaching and coaching you if that is your intention... and I will never pressure you into selling if you don't want to . That choice is entirely up to you, as is how you choose to sell Scentsy, and I can help you with that as well if you would let me.

Choose your reason to Join Scentsy

No matter what happens with your Scentsy Business, no one will ask you for any more money! You are not required to keep and gather stock. In fact Scentsy frown upon that, and you will never have to give your kit back. As well as the support and guidance you will get from me, Scentsy provide you with full training through your Scentsy Workstation and you will also have the option to join 2 amazing support groups filled with Independent Scentsy Consultants from all over the world, who were all in your position at one point. This is an amazing company to be part of! They offer great products, with very easy resales, Amazing incentives for your efforts if you choose to work your business and also a very competetive commission rate, that doesn't require you to buy more products, as some companies do, in fact you get commission on every sale you make. The only requirement from Scentsy is you place one qualifying order (£245) every 4 months which is so easy to do. Its the equivalent of 7 people buying 6 waxes from you!

Ready to sign up yet? just CLICK HERE! and remember to give me a call and say Hi!


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