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If I said You could Join Scentsy Now for £50.... Would you?

Do you know what it is possible! We have been given permission to let you know that I can "GIFT" You my Hostess Rewards and you can join my team and get a Hostess Reward Kit ...without hosting your own party!

The hostess kit will cost you £50 , but you will get so much more for your money...especially just now in April when you also get a Scentsy Go and a set of Go Pods included in the Hostess kit ( Value £73.00)

Scentsy Go from Aromaz

Our Hostess Kit this month is Amazing Value and is everything you need to start your own successful Scentsy Business.

Scentsy Hostess Kit from Aromaz

Our Hostess Kit contains all of the following

.Actual contents subject to change without notice.

Alabaster Warmer

Shimmer Scentsy Bar

Amazon Rain Washer Whiffs (453 g)

Spring/Summer 2019 Fragrance Tester Set

Spring/Summer 2019 Catalogues (1 pack of 25)

Consultant Guide

Quick Start Guide

Order Forms (1 pack of 50)

Spring/Summer 2019 Product Lists (1 pad of 50 sheets)

Product Training Guide

Host/Join Brochures (1 pack of 25)

3-pin cord, white Scentsy Go set of 2 Scentsy Go pods

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have ...just give me a call on 0797 276 4886 You may be wondering the commission rate...How much do you get paid? Or the expectations?...Just 1 ! Or what about earning incentives?.....Truly Fabulous and so attainable! How do you sell it?...myself and our whole team will be there to guide and support you and give you all the help you need. We also have excellent training systems in place on you free workstation..but you only do what you are happy and comfortable doing.

No One puts any pressure on you Of course you may prefer to Join Scentsy and purchase the bigger it which is just OUTSTANDING ths month! For only £85 ( Plus £6 postage ) you get an incredible £400 + of products and tools you need to get started

Scentsy Starter Kit from Aromaz

...and of course a Scentsy Go and a set of 2 Scentsy Go pods! If you think you would prefer this kit and you are ready to get signed up.....just head over to my website and sign up or give me a call if you would like me to talk you through the process which takes about 3 mins...All you need is your Debit /Credit Card (to pay), Your National Insurance No/ Passport No ( To prove your Country for selling in ) ...and the name of your business (Also the name on your website ) Whichever kit you choose...this could be the start of something truly wonderful!


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