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Great New Way to Join Scentsy!

Have you heard there is a new way to join Scentsy, which will save you money and let you create a Starter Kit based on the items you love and you would most like to present and share with your family and friends? All you have to do is host a party!

This could be a Home Party where you invite friends and family to come along for some drinks, nibbles and entertainment!

Click any of the images to contact me on Messenger!

Host a Scentsy Home Party

Host a Scentsy Facebook Party

A Facebook Party where I set up the Party on Facebook and you invite your friends and family and we play on Facebook for an hour or so


Host a Basket Party

A Basket Party where I give you a basket filled with lots of our most popular products and you share this at work, with your family and

friends and gather in orders.

Whichever party you choose, once all the orders are in You can then use your host credits based on the amount of orders you have, to use towards the cost of the Hostess Basic Starter Kit which is £50.

The New Way to Join Scentsy

Hostess Rewards

Hostess Rewards

As an example of an average Home Party..... Total orders gathered is £ a hostess you would get £43 in product credit and 2 x 1/2 priced items to add to your kit. The £43 would be used against the £50 cost for your starter Kit leaving you only £7 to pay. Then lets say you wanted to add a Buddy and a Mini Plug would only pay £15 for the buddy and £12 for the for £34 you have an Amazing Starter kit for a fraction of the cost! The Hostess Starter Kit really is a great way to get everything you need for a fraction of the cost and once you have signed can start selling immediately! I will provide you with a basic help kit that you can share until your kit arrives in approximately 5 days and help you set up everything you need to ensure a great start in your business

Just click any of the images to contact me directly on Messenger if you think this might be the ideal opportunity for you or if you have any questions at all


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