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Let Scentsy help you create a new Family Christmas Tradition

Its coming up for that time of year again! Halloween is out of the way, Shops are stacking their shelves with gifts and toys and sweets and the Big companies have began their TV Ad onslaught of things to entice you to spend money..Its only 8 weeks till Christmas!

One of the nicest things I love about Christmas are the family traditions that were handed down from my Mum and Dad.

We always opened our presents at midnight, after eating a plate of home made Spaghetti Bolognese....that was always the longest meal ...EVER! and God help anyone who wanted a second plate full.

My parents weren't silly though! Their logic was we would get packed of to bed early in the evening, which gave Dad time for a snooze and Mum peace and quiet to prepare the Christmas Dinner. We of course would be much too excited to go to bed and sleep and would play about (quietly of course), look out of the bedroom window in case we saw Santa and dream of all the presents that would magically appear under the tree when we got up! None of us ( 5 of us kids in the family ever fell asleep much before 9.30)

Just before Midnight we would get woken up and would all troop into the kitchen for our Midnight Supper of pasta and crusty bread. We would be excited and eager for Santa to hurry up and leave our presents and the food wonderful as it was, was the last thing on our minds. But eat it we did ..cos we knew if we didn't ..there would be no opening of presents!

Every year Mum or Dad would suddenly hush the conversation and hilarity that was going on and announce that they were sure they heard something...we had usually all finished eating by then...and disappear into the lounge and announce "Santa Has Been!" , then stood back out of our way as we ran full pelt into the room filled with all those beautifully wrapped presents sitting staring at us from under the Christmas tree. Our stockings were all now sitting in the fireplace filled with sweets and little did they get there? We hung them on our beds when we went to bed! Then the usual madness ensued and we would rip open our amazing presents and hug each other and laugh at the silly things in our stockings or beam with pleasure as Mum cooed with delight at the present we had all saved our pocket money up to buy for her. Dad would be sitting with his Dram waiting for the first...I want to play with this!...then the 2nd and the 3rd and so on. By about 3 am with all the presents opened, we each had a little pile of gifts and books and Pyjamas and sweets and all the gift tags , to make sure we remembered to thank everyone for their gifts, we were starting to unwind and we would all go back to bed! I can never remember waking up before about 10 am on Christmas Morning.

Its maybe not everyones cup of tea, but this was our family's way of doing Christmas and one that my brothers and Sisters and myself still do to this day. Oh yes we have adapted other traditions that I hope my family will continue but I would so like them to start their own New traditions along the way, that their children will love and treasure and pass on to their families....and just like we have adopted Elf on the Shelf or Christmas flashing Jumpers, I thought thas might may be an opportunity for you to create a new tradition for your family.

Scentsy have released Milford The Moose!

Now many people dont know this but the Moose is the strongest of the deer family and Santa needs eight very strong Deer to be able to pull his sled al over the world on Chritmas Eve! Milford, although still very young and not yet big enough to pull the sleigh has a very special job that he does every night for Santa. You know that "Naughty or Nice List that Santa has? Well Milfords job is to report back to Santa if the child he has adopted has been Naughty or Nice and when they are Nice (or just a little bit naughty) Milford has a special pouch in his back that holds treats for being so good! If they have been naughty then all that is in that pouch is a little note from Santa to say that he / she has to try harder! And when Christmas is all over, Milford doesnt disappear like the Elves do. Milford stays around as a confident, a comforter and a little boy or girl's best friend and with the use of a Scent pack, helps them create memories that will last them a lifetime! Can you visualise how this can be so much more than just another soft toy? Would the children have to find him every morming when he returns from Santa? Is he a little bit mischeivous? You can create your own history and individualise your Milford the Moose to become your very own Christmas Tradition. Only at Aromaz, each Milford the Mosse purchased from us, will come with an adoption certificate with your Child's name on it as well as a specially created note fom Santa ( for those naughty times) Milford the Moose is a Limited Edition Buddy and will only be available as long as stocks last! To ensure you get your very own Milford, contact me soon! Telephone 0797 276 4886


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