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Have you ever thought about joining Scentsy?

I wish that I had discovered Scentsy years ago! Because if I knew then what I know now, I would have joined then.

Scentsy is an amazing concept and the products are just incredible! But above all I am enjoying the lifestyle and new found freedom that selling Scentsy has given me. I have become part of a super bunch of people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe, Our Team, Written in the Stars! I have met many wonderful people whose only aim is not to sell products, but to help others and share a product that touches most people in a very unique and individual way, through scent and Scent Memories.

Most Consultants join Scentsy because they love the fragrances that fill their home / workspace.. They love the products, the safety aspect and above all the opportunity of being able to pay outstanding bills or put money away for that very special purchase.

Below I have listed the top reasons why you should consider joining Scentsy ( I'm biased on that one! )

Whether you would like to earn a little extra spending money, replace your current job's income, or want to become a consultant just to earn free Scentsy products, I can help you do that. If you do decide to join my team I will provide you with the support,mentoring and answers you will need to become a successful consultant.

I am confident that you will love being a Scentsy consultant as much as I do.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Join Scentsy

  • Amazing Products

  • Enjoy Flexible Hours and work from home. Be there for your family.

  • Are you in debt? Collectors calling you? Worried about losing your job or even finding one? Working in Direct Sales with a company like Scentsy, can help to change your financial situation. Just a few hours a week and you could be bringing in an extra £500 a month easily. How much could that help your family?

  • Complete training and support system available for all our consultants which is 100% free.

  • For just £85 /99 Euros (plus tax and shipping) Scentsy will mail you a Starter Kit that includes everything you need to run your first Scentsy Party

  • Scentsy is easy to talk to people about! Honestly, who doesn’t like a candle? Some people may be adverse to scents but even they like our warmers!

  • No Sales experience or degree needed. Times are tough out there in the job market. With Scentsy, you don’t need to have a college pedigree or years working in corporate america to be successful. You don’t need any sales experience either. Actually, having sales experience might be hold you back because with Scentsy, you want to “Share” as opposed to “Sell” it. Put our scents and warmers in front of people and they’ll buy it! This is the easiest product I’ve ever “sold”.

  • Earn/win Trips & Prizes! All expenses paid trips to places like Disney world, Cyprus, Hawaii for selling a product you love

  • Work your business the way you want to, Don't like doing Parties! Dont! Our Director doesn't do any parties and is still one of the highest earners in the company. There are many different strategies that consultants use to promote their business and I can help you find your ideal solution.

There is little risk for test driving the Scentsy Consultant opportunity. A consultant’s first party often covers the entire initial cost of joining. With your starter kit, you will receive the Scentsy consultant handbook covering our policies and procedures, catalogs, brochures, business cards and party invitations. Your starter kit will include free products for party demonstrations. The starter kit has a value of over £200 /250 Euros

If you would like more information on how to join Scentsy, please contact me at

If you are ready to join then click here

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