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How to Lose Weight, Impress the Boss and Be Happy by using your Nose!

Women can be very particular about the perfumes that they wear. And men as equally fastidious about their aftershave or cologne. After all, you want people that you meet to be impressed, at ease and comfortable in your company You don't want them to want to be sitting 2 miles away from you or in another room because they can't stand the smell of that cheap tacky fake perfume you bought for a bargain knock down price. Or when the odour that permeates around you is the fish and chips you cooked for tea or the stale musty smell clothes have from hanging in the wardrobe too long!

As consumers we spend a fortune on personal fragrances, whether it be soaps, deodorants, body sprays, perfume, colognes, bathing products, body creams .....the list goes on and on and on.

We all have a nose and we all have very individual and unique tastes when it comes to smell. Which is why fragrance is so important to each and everyone of us. Apart from fragrances helping us to smell good, they help us to feel good as well!

Should we approach home fragrance in the same way as our personal fragrance?

Absolutely!!! Its just as important how your home smells as how you smell. When someone comes through your door, the first thing that hits them, is the smell of your home.

We all want to make sure that when they come in they go ‘oh god I can smell jasmine or roses. That reminds me of being at my Grandmother's house, or, That smells lovely so cosy and warm and inviting!.

We also spend a fortune on aerosoles, plug ins, candles, gels, burners in an attempt to make our house welcoming and enjoyable to be in. Do we get it right?

Do you know how certain fragrances will affect not only you but also visitors to your house or workplace?

Your welcome scent (created preferably by using a Scentsy warmer and melting wax situated near the entrance ) should be something that represents you, what you love and the style of your home. Just like you choose from a collection of perfumes to fit your mood each morning, your home, too, should have a selection of signature scents. It's well known, that fragrance evokes emotions. "We know that the impact of scent is very individualized and powerful,and related to personal memory," says Mark Crames, CEO of Demeter Fragrance Library,

There are scents generally associated with certain moods so customise your home's scent and create a peaceful,relaxing, or joyful atmosphere. Mix your scents together to create fragrances which as as individual and sensous as you are.

Jasmine for Serenity Jasmine has been known to boost confidence, brighten your mood and promote optimism,

Citrus for Happiness There have been a number of studies conducted over the years that say citrus and fruit fragrances can help alleviate stress and anxiety and improve one’s overall mood,

Lavender for Tranquilty The scent of lavender has long been known to have a soothing, even sedative effect on the mind and body. It is the perfect fragrance to use at home at the end of a long, hard day when you really need to unwind and relax.

Mint, Coffee, Ginger, or Eucalyptus for Motivation Scents such as ginger, eucalyptus and coffee carry energy-boosting qualities,Fragrancing a room with those fragrances might just get you off the sofa on the days when you need a little boost in motivation.

Cinnamon to help you Focus and Concentrate. The stimulating properties in cinnamon can help fight mental fatigue and improve concentration and focus.

Peppermint to Boost Energy Try peppermint when brainstorming. An energy booster, this scent invigorates the mind, promotes concentration and stimulates clear thinking.

Vanilla, Patchouli, Pink Grapefruit to Calm Cravings “Vanilla is known to aid in suppressing chocolate cravings, patchouli is known to reduce hunger and pink grapefruit is known to reduce sweet cravings.. So if you're trying to stick to a diet try having any of these scents or better still, all of them mixed together in a kitchen or dining room.

Fragrances are also important in the workplace.

There is a vast amout of literature now that shows that positive mood is linked to an increase in productivity, performance and the tendency to help others, while negative mood reduces prosocial behavior. These positive behaviors and productivity are also enhanced in the presence of pleasant ambient odors. Scientific studies (Scientific American) have "shown people exposed to the smells of baking cookies or roasting coffee were more inclined to help a stranger than people not exposed to these smells. People who worked in the presence of a pleasant smelling air freshener/ fragrance also reported higher self-efficacy, set higher goals and were more likely to employ efficient work strategies than participants who worked in a no-odor condition. Pleasant ambient odors have also been found to enhance vigilance during a tedious task and improve performance on anagram and word completion tests. Conversely, the presence of a malodor reduced participants subjective judgments and lowered their tolerance for frustration."

So if you want to impress the boss improve the fragrance around you at work as well.

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